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Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim - Alien Planet - Landing Party 2 Traveling To The Village

Posted by Captain Shirley Rogers (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Alien Planet - Landing Party 2 Traveling To The Village
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Huh? Rand looked up at the two redshirts walking near her and they both shook their heads and pointed behind them toward the Cmdr. Oh, right I can’t panic now. I can panic later over the fact my whole life’s failure has just been exposed along with my inadequacies. Focus now panic later. We have a job to do. Rand slowed her pace. She hadn’t meant to separate the group. She just wanted to get moving, so they could work and not discuss her.

Suddenly Rand stopped, “I DO know this. It’s Curse of Strahd!” Redshirt Ward looked back at her. “It’s Curse of Shroud? What’s that?”

Rand shook her head, “Strahd. It’s from Dungeons and Dragons. An old Earth role play game. The elements and characters and races were inspired by high fantasy authors like Tolkien. The mechanics aren’t important though. This terrain, the people, the Villages, the lake, the tavern we passed, it’s ALL from one of the adventures entitled Curse of Strahd. I’m sure of it. The last village, Barovia, where we are headed, was a prison for Strahd.”

Ward chuckled and just looked at her, “Yeah? What did he do?”

Rand resisted the urge to roll her eyes, he didn’t have to believe her. “Here, I have no idea, but in the story he was imprisoned and trapped in Barovia because he was a vampire.”

Yeoman Rand

Roman looked at Rand like I didn’t know you were such a nerd. “You played Dungeons and Dragons?” He asked, stopping next to her as he spoke.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Rand did roll her eyes, to herself. That would be incredibly disrespectful to roll her eyes at a superior officer, even if she was dating him. That had no place while they were on duty. She shook her head but her voice was low and though the others in the group could hear her voice it wasn’t clear enough to understand her words, “No. Who has time for that? It was made into a play adaptation that I was offered a part in.” She waved her hand in front of her as if dismissing something that was said or asked. “I turned it down. It was poorly written, horrible script and the story line was far too cliché.” Apparently Rand was a bit of a snob when it came to all things theatric.

Roman covered a smile and shook his head. Rand was a role snob. Then again, he remembered from her disk that almost all her roles were ones she liked. Except… Scarlett something? He turned his focus back to work. Like Rand, Roman believed their feelings had no place on duty. “Let’s move. Role play game or no, I’d like to find what we’re looking for and go.” He over pronounced the words role play like it was truly rediculous to go pretending you were something you weren’t in some weird magic land or somewhere else.

She lifted the flap of her large back and looked at the readings from her tricorder and then looked around at the trees. “Cmdr, there is roughly 2 hours of daylight left, and the trees are thick. It will be dark soon. We don’t have equipment to camp with, and this far north of the planet’s equator, I would guess it will get cold.” She had been listening on Kelmao. “I suggest we plan to spend the evening on board ship, or have them send down period appropriate camping gear. Though it won’t be comfortable for anyone.”

Yeoman Rand

Roman had to cover another grin. Rand learned fast. They’d spent three days on Kelmao and she remembered the camping protocols as well as the information given to her by his atmosphere expert, an NE in his department. “Which direction does our trail point us?” He asked, taking out his own tricorder to search for the warp trail after a quick glance to be sure no one was around. Then he gave a small sigh. “You’re right, we’ll freeze down here. Wind’s already getting chilly. Let’s contact the ship and perhaps we can spend the night aboard and then beam closer instead of walking for two days.” So, he took out his communicator, flipped it open and tried to contact the ship. =C=Landing party 2 to Sentinel, this is Alden. Can you beam us aboard for the night? We’re not quite interested in camping with no gear, nor are we in walking for days. Perhaps we can be beamed closer once travel is safer.=O=

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

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GM CockRoach

Roman’s communicator would vibrate indicating that Shirley was attempting to contact him discretely. She did this to avoid any kind of detection from the pre-warp civilization and to allow him ample time to get to a discrete location to reply to her vocally.

  • Captain Shirley Rogers

Roman gave another quick look, then pulled out his communicator and flipped it open, putting it close to his mouth as he spoke: =C= Alden here. =C=

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Shirley raised the communicator to her lips, her face was expressionless, her tone was direct and to the point: =C= Number One, there has been an incident on the Sentinel. Gather the landing party and return to the ship immediately. We have guests to meet with up there. =C=

  • Captain Shirley Rogers

=C=Understood Captain. Beam us up when ready.=C= Alden replied, glad to have an excuse to get off the planet.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

=C= The Sentinel should be locking onto your team’s signal now. I will gather my party and join you shortly. =C=

  • Captain Shirley Rogers

Roman looked up and to the rest of the party, “Prepare to beam up. Make sure nothing is left behind.” Then he raised his comm again and said =C=Prepared to beam up when ready.=C=

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

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