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Posted July 5, 2022, 8:01 p.m. by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side - sim: Head Case
Rand was quiet as they made their way back to deck 3. That wasn’t unusual, but it was with Roman. He’d fussed at her…when no one was around. She’d…she’d forgotten she wasn’t supposed to go anywhere alone. She wasn’t sure how she’d forgotten, but when he reminded her, she remembered. She’d gotten confused, twisted about, lost on her own ship sometimes. Why hadn’t she remembered when she woke up? She’d woke up and had…why had she left? Because it was Thursday, they always went to the gym. She hadn’t remembered that until she found herself on deck 8 outside the gym.

And she knew she wasn’t supposed to be running, only walking. She knew that when she entered the gym. Roman fussed at her about that too. Her head had been hurting a little when she entered the gym, so why had she started running? Because it was familiar, and very little felt familiar any more. Roman had fussed at her for not being careful. Oddly enough it didn’t upset her that he had. He was worried about her, and being honest with herself, Rand was worried too.


Roman had his arm around her as they headed back up to deck three. He was really worried about her. Like not letting her out of his sight for the next week worried. He knew she didn’t mean to… she was just still forgetting things. But if she had hit her head when she fell, she could’ve died. He’d have to keep a closer eye on her. He was also not telling her he’d needed a rescue dose of heart meds and he was supposed to go back to their quarters and rest. She didn’t need to worry about that, and he wasn’t sure she remembered it anyway.

They got to the door and he pressed the control to let it open and then stepped aside to let her go in first. “It’s not late yet… maybe we can find something to do?” He commented as he went in after her.

~ Roman

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