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Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side - sim: Head Case

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side - sim: Head Case

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side - sim: Head Case
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Rand was quiet as they made their way back to deck 3. That wasn’t unusual, but it was with Roman. He’d fussed at her…when no one was around. She’d…she’d forgotten she wasn’t supposed to go anywhere alone. She wasn’t sure how she’d forgotten, but when he reminded her, she remembered. She’d gotten confused, twisted about, lost on her own ship sometimes. Why hadn’t she remembered when she woke up? She’d woke up and had…why had she left? Because it was Thursday, they always went to the gym. She hadn’t remembered that until she found herself on deck 8 outside the gym.

And she knew she wasn’t supposed to be running, only walking. She knew that when she entered the gym. Roman fussed at her about that too. Her head had been hurting a little when she entered the gym, so why had she started running? Because it was familiar, and very little felt familiar any more. Roman had fussed at her for not being careful. Oddly enough it didn’t upset her that he had. He was worried about her, and being honest with herself, Rand was worried too.


Roman had his arm around her as they headed back up to deck three. He was really worried about her. Like not letting her out of his sight for the next week worried. He knew she didn’t mean to… she was just still forgetting things. But if she had hit her head when she fell, she could’ve died. He’d have to keep a closer eye on her. He was also not telling her he’d needed a rescue dose of heart meds and he was supposed to go back to their quarters and rest. She didn’t need to worry about that, and he wasn’t sure she remembered it anyway.

They got to the door and he pressed the control to let it open and then stepped aside to let her go in first. “It’s not late yet… maybe we can find something to do?” He commented as he went in after her.

~ Roman

Rand went through the door and stopped and just stared at the room, but wasn’t really seeing it. Then she took a deep breath focusing to make the words form, “You pick....I…” she waived toward the bathroom, “sh…shower.” She disappeared through the door and very soon the sound of running water could be heard. Her normal quick shower was much longer. Washing your hair with a giant, throbbing bump on your head was no easy task.

The water turned off, but if washing her hair took forever, trying to brush and dry it was a futile task. Rand settled for a very gentle and not very effective towel dry. She also stopped several times to just lean her weight against the wall and rest when she got dizzy. Her major problem was she forgot clean clothes. She closed her eyes, for some reason she was having trouble finding a solution to her problem. Until she opened her eyes and spotted one of Roman’s shirts hanging from a hook. Left there, waiting for him for after his shift. She took it down from the hook and slipped her arms into the sleeves and buttoned it. The sleeves were too long and after a couple of tries to roll them she gave up and pushed them up past her elbows.

While Rand showered, Roman lay down in bed. The meds had him feeling better but he was stressed and worried, about both of them, and tired. He was back on duty, but maybe he should take vacation time so he could stay with her. She’d done it for him, when things had been rough for him. And if he was off, he’d have the time to take care of her, and make sure she didn’t go wandering off alone.

By the time she came back through the door she was light headed and dizzy. Partially from arching her neck back to rinse her hair, the fact she fell again, that she pretty much stayed dizzy, and trying to make her mind work. The door swished open, “Ròmanach…tha mi dizzy. Cuideachadh. (Roman…I’m dizzy. Help.)” She closed her eyes against the swirling and leaned against the door way.


The door swished open, interrupting his thoughts. He looked up and… Rand was wearing nothing but one of his shirts. It was long enough to be a short night gown on her and big enough to make her look like she was drowning in it. And yet, Roman was saying nothing, staring at her with not his robin hood look, but a look that meant he liked what he saw. It took a minute before what she said registered and another minute for his brain to finish translating it, at which point he stood and went to her side, putting his arm around her to keep her from falling. “Let’s go to bed,” He said, and then immediately realized the potential implication of those words in that order and flushed slightly hoping she wouldn’t catch it.

~ Roman

Rand leaned into his side when he slipped his arm around her. She was chilled from shower and he was warm and his arm reassuring. Something about his voice made her look up at him though. “Okay.” He was flushed, and that didn’t happen very often. She wondered briefly what made him flush, but then she was concentrating on walking and not falling again. They made it over to the bed and she had to let him help her sit. She hated it, but it was better than falling again. Without his help she would most likely end up sitting to fast and hit her head on the wall or the night stand. She laid down and when he was next to her she curled on her side, head on his shoulder. Immediately, she felt exhausted. “Thank you,” it was slow and quiet to come out and then, “Pick?” wondering what he picked for them to do. It was easier to just speak in single words than try for whole phrases or sentences. That bothered her too.


What Roman suddenly wanted to do neither of them were healthy enough for. He kept his arm around her and let her lay on him. “I don’t know what I want to do.” He said. He looked down at her, his face still slightly blushed red. He had to remind himself even if she weren’t so confused he wouldn’t do anything, it would be bad for her head.

~ Roman

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