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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Vok III - Beaming Down

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Roman had actually been to Windsor Castle once. It wasn’t exactly like it had been in the early twenty first century but all efforts were made to keep it as close as possible. He recognized the similarity and, based on their conversations earlier, was unsurprised. Expected or not, he would offer his manners, and so offered a bow, just the right level to be respectful, but also represent Roman’s esteemed position and rank in comparison with His Highness, the Royal Governor Lord. “I am Sir Roman Alden, of the Alden estates, heir to the title of Duke of Salisbury, descendant of Henry II of England and Louis VII of France. I am also Commander and First Officer of the USS Sentinel. These are my officers, Lieutenant Alwyn Yarwood Chief Medical Officer and this is Doctor Yarwood’s assistant, En Dr Iris Avarak. Finally this is Lieutenant Marcus Anders, Chief of Security of the USS Sentinel.” Then, he gave a very stern look to the other officers on the landing party which said, Stand at attention as if the Admiral were before you.

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

There was a faint shifting on the Stevens stance and his wife’s at Alden’s introduction, obviously recognizing a fellow with a more ‘noble’ lineage and upbringing. Around then the fading echoes of Alden’s words had reached the rest of those observing and a few of the ladies nearby and even a man or two seemed to take a bit more interest at this turn of events.

Alwyn understood Alden’s silent message, and corrected his posture a little. Giving a polite nod to the Governor and his suite while keeping his hands behind his back, he noticed the way they were all distant to them, almost condescending. Guess Kovan gave them a good impression of us, thought the doctor.

But he can understand why the engineer tried to upset them with the coms, those people were irritating without trying to be. It even looked like Alden and the Governor were fighting to see which one was above the other. Is that a common aristocrat discussion ? Like, the one with the longest title win ? If so, the Commander win… Alwyn had a little smile thinking that Alden was an aristocrat too.

Lieutenant JG Alwyn Yarwood

After a pause Stevens spoke, his posture a bit more relaxed, with such out of the way, “..Well it is an unexpected but welcome turn of events that Starfleet sent a ship carrying a man of such fine lineage and stock. It is an occurrence I had not expected from them. Our last general contact beyond our usual trade exchanges was.....displeasing to say the least. It at least perhaps shows that those in charge back at Earth had some semblance to learn from past mistakes..” He stated.

After any further pleasantries were set aside, Stevens and his wife Victoria led the party back into the main hall inside the grandiose building. The guards fell into step two to the middle and the other two further back to left and right. Entering into a main gallery hall lined with both original paintings no doubt done since the colony was setup as well no doubt carefully chosen originals or old reproductions of similar noble family lines and events on Earth and such were arrayed along the walls. The air in the place was despite the grandiose nature, quite fresh and natural. A natural breeze in fact was a constant keeping the shaded areas comfortably warm and the sunnier areas cool. From an engineering design point the place had obviously been constructed by local rocks and minerals, and built to a very exacting standard to show off power and wealth but also a high level of skill and attention to detail for comfort and purpose.

Turning to the left 20 feet off the main entry hall a interior guard/butler sort bowed as they approached slightly and opened a door without waiting for prompting. “..The sommeliers as well as the drink attendants my Lord have been alerted to the arrival of our guests. They will be coming by in the next 5 minutes to serve refreshments. As you requested this lounge is prepared for our meeting. Your advisors have also been alerted to the change in your schedule for the afternoon hours, Merchant Lord Stiles reminds you that your negotiations with trading elements with our partners must be completed by 0730 on Thursday two days from now..” the man said.

The room before the team had a well crafted and lit fire place, using natural wood and fuel it seems with a carefully constructed and hidden ventilation that kept any smoke free of the room and contained any fire hazard. An array of white and tan couches and chairs all well tailored and cared for were around the room as well and a series of tables held waiting to be filled glasses of any kind of drink. A large bowel of fruit was also present on one side table both with local Earth types and probably locally grown native fruit. A soft background echo of orchestral music was also present to their ears. Going off the direction of the sounds they were coming through carefully hidden and crafted speakers around the room, probably either recorded or being live played somewhere else in the building or colony. “..Tell Merchant Lord Stiles that I will be signing off on his trade requests by the deadline. All variables must be considered and I will not be pressured by one of his lower standing to complete such an agreement before I have weighed such actions..” he said. After saying such the butler bowed then left when indicated. Stevens meanwhile went over to a nearby shelf taking down a small box and taking out what seemed some kind of smoke pipe.

Steven’s wife meanwhile turned with an elegant grace, “..You must forgive my husband, duties of state are ever present on his mind as you can imagine. Vok III’s mercantile fleets and defense fleets are a strong element to balance with current situations around all three colonies. Please, sit and relax yourselves. The servers will be by shortly as you heard to take your drink or food requests. In the meantime until he calms himself is there anything I can answer for you that you may wish to inquire about?” she asked.

GM CockRoach

Marcus sat forward in his seat slightly, “Are you nervous about the results of the trade negotiations Lady Stevens?” Anders didn’t want to probe too much into the personal lives of the trading lords of Vok III, but wanted to work out what the aims were of these traders.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

”..It is…a complex discussion for my husband..” Victoria said casting a glance in his direction where he was downing another shot of some kind of drink and chewing thoughtfully on some kind of alien like apple fruit. “ husband has to balance his own desires with those of the colony and its citizens. But too many in other arenas of political power are vying for his attentions or to follow their wishes. He truely does mean well for our citizens under our charge, and our own family and those among his advisors. But…” She got interrupted.

”..Enough my wife. You paint a clear enough picture for now to the Starfleeters. Such business is not their concern for the time being as it does not impact why they are here..” Stevens had evidently had keener hearing then most probably gave him credit for, a thing he probably used to his advantage. Coming back over now seeming of a cooler mind and attitude he took his seat in one of the plush chairs by the old time like fire place. “..Now then, I am given to understand you all are here to deal with our usual psychological and physical evaluations as colonial leadership. As well from what I have been told by your superiors ‘made available to help with any other local concerns we may have’. Is this correct?” he asked.

GM CockRoach

“Within reason of course,” Anders said, trying to keep the Prime Directive in mind.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Roman shot Anders a look, and then offered a more polite nod to the colony leader. “Yes, my lord. The Federation does try to take care of its colonies. If we are able, we would be glad to assist in any local concerns. As for your evaluations, my medical officers,” he gestured to Yarwood and Avarak, “will take care of them. It should not take long at all.”

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Anders backed off at Alden’s glare, but kept a wary eye on Lord Stevens nonetheless.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

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