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The mother Sally replied to Alwyn’s question, “..No, she’s quite healthy overall. No medical conditions or allergies. Only ‘problem’ as you no doubt by now noticed, is she does not like medical professionals. She will indeed bite or scratch you given half a chance, no matter what I try to do to distract or such with her. If you can do your scans as far out of her reach as possible..” She offered.

”..They’re all meanie! I don’t wanna get scammed!” Susan shouted mixing up scanned with scammed in her tirade.

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“I’ll do my best”, Alyn said to the mother. The doctor took a look at Avarak, and seeing what she did to distract the little girl, he nodded at her as a silent way to ask if she could distract Susan again.

Hoping Avark understood his intentions, he pulled out a tricorder and calibrated it, waiting for Avarak’s distraction.

Lieutenant Alwyn Yarwood - CMO

Sally gave a slight nod of her own back, digging into her shoulder bag she pulled out what seemed some kind of blue-green stuffed animal. “..Look Susan! Mr. Gor has come to visit!” She said waving the strange elephant/humaniod like animal near the girl. For a second she eyed Avarak with distrust, but then a pretty well disguised voice of her mother mimicking the puppet Gor drew her eyes away from the doctor to the animal. “..Have you been a good girl for your Mother Sally little Susan?” ‘Gor’ asked.

”..Um....mostly Mr Gor? Mommy is taking me to some meany doctor though! I don’t like them!” She huffed crossing her arms about her chest with a pout still not looking at Alwyn.

”..Aww I am sorry to hear that Susan. But you know us Elemoids need to stay healthy just like you need to stay healthy for your Mother Sally and your friends here on the Vok!” Sally kept saying in a weird kind of animal voice.

Thankfully during this time Alwyn’s scans confirmed the girl was in good health, slightly raised blood pressure and heart rate, but that was no doubt due to her current mood and earlier temper tantrum. Nothing else like all the other colonists he had to scan for was out of place.

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