Side sim: Disruptions

Posted March 2, 2023, 11:58 a.m. by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) (Lucas Foxley)

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in Side sim: Disruptions

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in Side sim: Disruptions

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in Side sim: Disruptions
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Jorik followed the Vulcan T’Ling into the main science lab, loudly shouting at her, “is it because I don’t adhere to logic?! Is that it, huh?!” He was shouting so loud that everyone in the lab looked up, and several people poked their heads in from the corridor, and the sound carried quite well.

T’Ling turned around and spoke to him in a normal tone of voice. “Ensign, I did nothing to you. I don’t know what you think you saw or heard, but there was no look or comment from me.” She’d barely gotten the words out of her mouth before Jorik laughed. “Wrong! I heard what you said! You said that I make the Vulcan people look bad!”

Jorik’s voice drew yet a larger crowd and completely disrupted everyone’s work.

Jorik Thoran, pilot/nav

Kovan thanked all the nonexistent gods he knew that his face and shoulders were buried in the guts of a science console so no one saw the manic grin upon his face when some idiot began to make a fool of himself in the middle of the science labs. He choked back his laughter and schooled his face before carefully pulling himself to watch the action from his front row seat. Never did he expect to see two Vulcans get into a prissy little cat fight over the most childish of reasons. Was this a starship or a daycare? Given the intelligence displayed by a vast majority of the crew. . . he leaned towards the latter.

He smothered his grin with one hand. Some scientists were trying to be subtle with ears turned towards the argument while their hands worked and their bodies faced their consoles and experiments. Others gave up any pretense of work and wandered over to watch and stare. From the floor Kovan seemed to slip notice. Let’s see this play out a little more. . .

Kovan ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

Main science lab, well that was the biology lab, and Rand was there. She was standing by an inclusive feeding a small white mouse with elephant ears. The mouse was sitting in her hand, attempting to climb up her sleeve again. Rand was muttering some unknown language to it and coaxing it back down with the mouse’s favorite berries. The loud yelling startled the mouse, causing it to latch on suddenly to the sleeve. Rand looked over to see what the problem was. Alden had left, but Frank’s wouldn’t tolerate that. Lovell was supervising her and looked up from her station as well. Rand had the sleeve remenant halfway off when the yelling started again, scarring the mouse enough, she wanted back in her den. Her claw scrapped and cut the pad of her finger.

Rand locked the lid and removed the sleeve. Her finger hurt and when she looked down it was bleeding. Oh No! she was going to be in so much trouble. She didn’t want to tell, but she had to, that would get her in more trouble. She went over to the sink to clean it, Lovell followed wondering what was wrong. Rand bumbled with the first aid kit as the argument continued. The animals were chattering and clawing their cages and the chinchilla babies were snarling and snapping at each other. Then she suddenly dashed for the door, tripping over Kovan’s legs. She didn’t even apologize, which was weird.

She ducked her head and scooted out the door where no one noticed. Oh she forgot her PaDD! She couldn’t go back for it. She heard Lovell tell the officers to knock it off and leave. Rand, wringing her hands and not looking where she was going, hurried down the corridor toward sickbay breathing like she was being chased.

Yeoman Rand

Roman was headed back down the hall from what he’d been doing… Dealing with an ‘emergency’ in engineering. It hadn’t been emergent, actually. And that made Roman unhappy. As he rounded the corner toward the lab he heard the shouting. Oh, what was it now? Then he saw Rand, rushing out the door and this direction. He stepped in front of her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Rand, what’s wrong?”

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Rand wasn’t looking and was stopped short, which made her gasp out a squeak. It was Roman though so it was okay. “She stopped ringing her hand, which wasn’t good for her finger. “Arguing…in the lab.” She looked back toward the lab. “Scared the animals,” and she held up her hand. She was in trouble. Her finger was cut, small, but deep and it was poorly bandaged, which wasn’t like her. “Nibbles cut me.”

Yeoman Rand

Roman gave her a tight hug and squeezed. “Not your fault. Go get that taken care of. I need to go deal with my lab.” He gave her one final squeeze, and then made his way down the hall to his biology lab. One of his science officers and that Vulcan from the mess hall the other day stood in the middle of his lab. Like Rand had said, his animals were scared and agitated.

He stood, arms crossed, and glowered at Jorik with an icy gaze that could freeze the fires of hell itself. “Ensign Thoran. You are new to the ship so perhaps you were unaware. My labs are off limits to anyone who is not a Science Officer. Absolutely and completely. I will ask you to exit immediately. Also, if I ever catch you shouting at another officer like that for any reason, the consequences will be dire. Career alteringly so. Are we understood?”

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

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