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“Aye sir. Preparing to hold us at the edges of the field, with intercept course laid in at your orders.” Jorik responded, laying in that new course. He also queued up the weapons system engaging, though did not activate it just yet.

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

NL Morgan, sitting at the security station watched as the lights on her panel began to turn on as the weapons systems began to que. She slapped the comms button for the weapon control room down in deck 2. =o=Hey Richards, whatdaya think your doing? Who told you to que up the phasers and torpedoes?=c=

=o=Signal came in from the bridge ma’am.=c=

Alden didn’t give her any such order and she had not accidentally hit the button. =o=It most certainly did not.=c= Morgan didn’t want to overreact and say someone was onboard the ship. She turned to Alden. “Cmdr. Alden. The weapons activation system was qued. Weapon control says the signal came from the bridge, but I didn’t initiate it. We should have engineering come test the system. We don’t need false fire signals going off.”

NL Tracy Morgan

Roman had noticed the extra movement of Thoran’s arm, and with Morgan’s report, what happened was easy to put together. “Relax, lieutenant, it’s not a system fault.” He turned to their navigator, “Ensign Thoran. I understand the want to be prepared, however the order to que the weapons system must come from myself, per Starfleet regulations. If the ship we are approaching isn’t hostile, we don’t want them to think we are. I want to avoid a fight if we have any way of doing so.” His look to the Ensign was a no-nonsense one, not necessarily angry but very serious.

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Jorik sighed. Not at getting caught, but the reprimand itself. “Aye sir.” He said, reversing his last action to stand down the weapons, though his hand momentarily lingered there, almost as if he wanted to be able to hit it quickly, but he decided against it. “Weapons stood down.”

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

With their course set within minutes the Sentinel reached the edge of the asteroid field. The asteroid ship was already coming out of the field’s main area of effect entering slightly more open space. The asteroid ship was currently 800km off their forward bow and slowly drifting closer. No signs were evident that it had detected them, further reinforcing that the ship’s ability to detect approaching threats was very limited for the sake of asteroids and such. Closer scans by the probe showed much of what had been said before. The Sentinel’s sensors confirmed this. If there was life on the ship nothing came up. Perhaps it was automated? Either way there was signs of a small compartment in the center of the asteroid ship which was class-m breathable. It was quite small though not much more then a 8x8ft square area with a 6‘5 or so high floor to ceiling. In theory they could beam over if they wanted, or tractor the ship and see what it did.

GM CockRoach

“Do the tractor beam,” Roman said again. If it was automated, they could figure out what it was supposed to do. If someone was on it, and just didn’t appear on the sensors for some reason, beaming aboard would be beaming crew directly into danger. “We’ll go from there. Will it fit in the shuttle bay?”

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Looking at the dimensions the asteroid ship could fit into the bay, but it would be a really tight fit. Bringing it in would give them barely a 1/2 an inch on either sides with the bay doors there would little room for any errors.

GM CockRoach

“Based on dimensions, should be able to make it fit. It’d be a tight fit with barely a half inch on either side, Commander. No room for error.” Jorik said over his shoulder without looking away from the displays and station in front of him.

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

Kovan, who had been abnormally quiet throughout this whole process spoke up from his station, “Just knock off some of the rocks clinging to it. We don’t need the whole thing, just the prize in the middle of all that rock. A couple blasts from phasers on low-energy or a modified tractor beam will break it down to a more manageable size.” His voice was steady and calm, but held a flat quality to it. His gaze never strayed from the view screen. The initial excitement of their accidental find shifting into something more akin to dread as they came closer to their target.

Ensign ch’Sirhc, COMMO/ENGR

“Tractor beam engaged, sir.” Jorik said, quickly activating the beam and slowly dragging the ship closer to the shuttlebay.

Jorik turned around in his seat to look at Roman. “If we want this thing in the shuttlebay as-is, I need to go down there to maneuver it in, I don’t have the right angles here.”

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

Roman nodded to ensign Thoran. “Go and maneuver it in. I don’t want to blow the whole thing up trying to knock a bit off.” He looked at Kovan, “All we need is the middle, but we aren’t sure how strong it is. A low energy shot could still damage it more than we want.”

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

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