Main Sim - Shuttlebay - Bringing in the asteroid ship

Posted March 9, 2023, 8:26 a.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)

Posted by Ensign Jorik Thoran (Navigator/Pilot) in Main Sim - Shuttlebay - Bringing in the asteroid ship

Posted by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) in Main Sim - Shuttlebay - Bringing in the asteroid ship

Posted by Ensign Jorik Thoran (Navigator/Pilot) in Main Sim - Shuttlebay - Bringing in the asteroid ship
Jorik entered the shuttlebay, immediately heading to a control panel. Rerouting the tractor beam controls, he de-pressurized half of the bay, and slowly began to pull the ship in.

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

OOC: Small correction detail. The landing bay area would be full depressurized when you do this, you in turn would be in a higher up control room safe and sound with air.

Once the pay depressurized and the tractor emitter controls rerouted slowly the ‘asteroid ship’ came within range and angle. Despite it only being less then 50 meters away now to naked eye it really did look nothing but like a hunk of rock. As the emitter grabbed hold and began towing it in no effort seemed to be made by the ‘ship’ to resist. Assuming someone was on there to do so. Conversely if it was say automated then the automation obviously had no programming then it seems to resist going off its assigned course.

Slowly oh SO slowly over the next 30 nail biting minutes of hauling it in carefully with barely a half an inch on either sides to spare the asteroid ship was soon in the bay and shortly after repressurized for entry. Several security NEs and engineers came in to begin to take stock of the ship. From the control room and even more up close the ship STILL looked like just a hunk of a rock. But as some NE’s would soon be pointing out heavily disguised ports for thrusters and such soon were noticed here and there, the same for other small sensor arrays, and the like that gave it away as being of a ship. But as of yet no clues were evident who had made it or why.

GM CockRoach

Once the ship was safely within the bay, and Jorik was able to calm his adrenaline, he pressed a button to comm the bridge. “Thoran to bridge. We have it.”

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

With the ship secured the security NE’s begin to look it over more closely. One shouted up to the control room to Jorik. “..Hey sir? You want to call some other more skilled labor down here to look this thing over? Us red shirts here arent finding much so far…” he said.

The second a few feet away made the comment to follow up, “..Yeah well least its not a space monster trying to eat us......yet....” he added.

OOC: Aka anyone else not planet side come down here to this thread :P

GM CockRoach

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