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”..So you’re not here to do our colonial system evals? Folks higher up,” She said thumbing over to the fancy old style British palace building, “..are all in a fluff over stuff like this every year. Not that I blame them too much, part of the reason we all setup all the way out here was originally to be free of Starfleet and Federation bureaucracy and rules. If it weren’t for the Orions and such being a bit more then our patrol fleets can handle that we joined back up.” She explained as they walked towards a long road which soon gave way to more simpler industrial power buildings. “..and part of that as you know is you Fleeters coming on by once a year to give us all medical, scientific and engineering evals to ensure were all up to snuff on compliance and safety regulations by your standards.” she said.

GM CockRoach

Karl’s smile didn’t fade, it wasn’t a smile of amusement but just joy. He genuinely enjoyed having solid ground beneath his feet and speaking with a new person. “To be clear I’ll give an eval of your infrastructure but I was asked to come down in case you needed an extra hand with anything down here. There’s always something that needs to be fixed.”

Master Chief Karl - CE

”..Fair enough..” she said.

In a short bit of a walk the pair reached a engineering related compound of generators and the like the main colony area. In this case a row of eight fusion generators similar to those one might use on simpler impulse engines on a ship. Further support systems in smaller side buildings were also in evidence. Also present were the various engineering staff for managing all this. None looked too pleased to have ‘Fleets’ milling over them but rules were rules so they played along it seems. Calling out to everyone the woman spoke, “..Attention everyone! It’s that time again, Starfleet has arrived for perform our yearly colonial compliance on safety and infrastructure. This is Master Chief Karl from the USS Sentinel and he will be coming around shortly to inspect your areas of work and our power generation systems. Please make all reasonable accommodations and answer his questions. Any concerns let me know..” she said.

Turning to Karl she said, “..Alright then Fleety I’ll be in my office catching up on some PADD work let me know if you got any concerns to bring to me afterwards.” She said.

GM CockRoach

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