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Posted March 17, 2023, 9:40 a.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


With the ship secured the security NE’s begin to look it over more closely. One shouted up to the control room to Jorik. “..Hey sir? You want to call some other more skilled labor down here to look this thing over? Us red shirts here arent finding much so far…” he said.

The second a few feet away made the comment to follow up, “..Yeah well least its not a space monster trying to eat us......yet....” he added.

Engineering Ensign Luis Delgado stepped into the bay alongside the other engineers sent to examine the asteroid ship. He got to scanning with his tricorder, especially around the disguised thruster ports and sensor arrays. “Where’s the hatch? Unless they teleported the crew inside whoever had to have built some way to reach the ship underneath all this rock.” And may the security team be standing by right where it opens.

En Luis Delgado

Elbbirt and Shrine walked into the shuttlebay. Strange ships and possible unknown aliens. There was risk for illness and injury. They took up a spot near the doors for a small first aid station just in case.

Elbbirt and Shrine

Ensign Alana McShane studied the ship with great intrigue, though she admitted she was jealous at the thought of the mission Lieutenant Anders must’ve been on on the planet below. On the other hand, she was looking forward to the possibility of proving how able she was at protecting the Sentinel while he was away.

-Ensign Alana McShane (As Played By Lieutenant J.G. Marcus Anders: Chief of Security)-

Looking the big rock ship over Ensign Delgado’s comment about any crew being beamed inside it seemed more and more likely. All scans and physical visual evidence showed NO doors, hatches, or such that someone could fit inside. The only exterior ports were those for the thruster system. Scans confirmed there was a small interior space about 20x20ft or so and about 10ft or so in height. No signs of life were picked up however. They would either need to cut the ship open by phaser drills or beam inside themselves from a transporter room.

GM CockRoach

“I’d love to get at the internals of this thing. No entry, no crew but the ability to fly by itself? That’s awesome!” Jorik said, coming down the stairs to the main room of the shuttlebay.

Jorik Thoran, Pilot/Nav

NE Birks nearby spoke up finishing scans, “..Seems like no external access points. There is an internal area likely for a crew, but no signs of any present. Only way to get inside is by a beam in..” Birks said.

GM CockRoach

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