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Posted May 27, 2023, 8:40 p.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


”..Of course Captain, please then sit. Given your purpose her you may feel free to get to business for our colonial evaluations. Though I would like to first note, that my lead orbital traffic chiefs have sent a message indicating to me and planetary security that your ship quite recently has been acting how you say odd. In this case launching several probes in and out of system. Though not fully indicating why. There is also evidence from our colonial comms teams that your ship’s crew is make unrequested probes and listening in on our local communications network..” He queried.

GM CockRoach

“Solid. Good on them.”Xam said as if not seeing the potential irritation the Lord Governor may have about the actions. “See, we need all the information we can get to assist you in dealing with your pirate issue. And in our experience, pirates don’t just attack random ships and ‘hope they have treasure’. They pay informants to tell them what ships to hit. Find the informants, find a pirate. Pretty straightforward, Guv.” and he grinned.

Ra’Ti, Tactical

“Lt Ra’Ti is correct. Also your orbital staff was told they were routine and if we found anything myself or Cmdr Alden would inform you directly. It is also hard to convey secure information when your people refuse to use secure communications. So here we are. We found somethings.” She glanced back at the butler and then the maid. Quite obvious she was waiting to see if the governor was going to dismiss them.

The governor looked at the maid and then his butler/body guard, then back to the Captain waiting for her to continue, it was clear he trusted both in the room probably more then he did the CO or security officer from the Sentinel. Seems they would be staying....

”..Go on..” He said simply.

“The first being a camouflaged ship that was headed for your northern pole. The second that someone is jamming and hiding signals in your frequency bands. My people are still tracking the source down. When my engineers have finished with the ship, which is currently in our control, you will get a full report.” Rende was obviously neither amused nor impressed.

Asam, CO

Blinking the Governor gave a surprised look, “..A ship? To the northern pole? Not anything up there except ice, and our primary geothermal plants for the colonial shields, defense stations planet side, and secondary emitters and relays for some infrastructural systems that feed melting ice and such to different colonial hubs..” He said thinking on this for a moment.

GM CockRoach

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