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Posted June 2, 2023, 8:13 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlie Bailey (Chief Medical Officer) (Emily S.)

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No sooner had they finished up their packing, when a smaller slightly darker skinned woman of about late 20s came upon them. She wore the usual colonial garb of a lead doctor, as well as someone who took their job quite seriously and professionally. “..Pardon me, you would I believe be Doctor MacKenzie? From the USS Sentinel correct? I do believe we have a follow up meeting scheduled about now. Are you free to proceed with this or would you prefer to reschedule it for later?” She asked.

GM CockRoach

Charlie gave him a quick nod to confirm that they had concluded all the examinations. “Unless you have anything of note to report, we’re done here doctor,” she added as she started to pack their equipment up.

Lt (jg) Bailey (CMO)

Looking at the new arrival, Thaddeus gave a single, curt nod. “Aye, I’m Dr. MacKenzie,” he confirmed, then glanced at Lt. Bailey to ensure she had nothing further to add. Seeing her busy packing their equipment, he turned back to the colonial doctor. “We’ve just wrapped up with the screenings, so we’re free for that meeting now. Lead the way,” he said, his voice cool and professional, the hint of an eccentric quirk around the corners of his lips suggesting he was more than ready for the next task.

–Dr. MacKenzie–

Charlie chuckled to herself as she watched the pair exit. She didn’t know Thaddeus that well yet but she had a feeling that Dr Elizabeth had met her match.

Lt (jg) Bailey (CMO)

The woman nodded and led them down the street a few blocks, “..Would you mind if we held our discussion at The Chocolate Dip Café?” She asked indicating a small cafe with seats and tables in an outside area.

GM CockRoach

Charlie smiled and nodded, her stomach starting to rumble after a long days work. “That sounds lovely, lead the way.” She replied as the smell of coffee and cake filled her nostrils.

Lt (jg) Bailey (CMO)

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