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Posted June 5, 2023, 5:48 p.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


As the group got all settled into the vehicle they were soon off to the first point of interest. Carefully navigating through the woods, they soon were climbing a slight incline up a heavily forested hill. The interior thankfully was muted due to good sound proofing keeping out the excess noise of the vehicle’s engine. “..Our first point of check is just ahead. Its a clearing and a nearby cave system entrance the some of the local animals of all types use. It’s also a watering hole for them too. Our usual observation cameras seem to be on the fritz probably from some tree falling due to the storms we had recently. Still picking up audio and beyond some normal forest backgrounds nothing else seems off.” The chief commented.

As they emerged now much slower from the rough trails the clearing was mor evident just ahead. About a further 200 or so yards further up hill they could just make out among the brush animal trails leading to a shadowy cave mouth barely made out. A few birds took flight at their approach but otherwise things seemed peaceful. Shutting off the engine the group hopped out. Pointing ahead one of the colony NE’s spoke, “..Seems you’re right chief. Look there..” the man said pointing to where a broken limb with a small unobtrusive remote camera with a time solar and fusion charge pack had broken off the limb.

Peering up 20 feet one of the other NE’s squinted. “..That’s odd seems like a burn mark. But not like one would see from the storms with lighting..” he said.

“You think this damage could’ve been caused by some sort of device?”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

”…May—” The NE started to say looking up but then suddenly he spasmed as a green bolt of energy hit him from out of cover among some rocks nearby, in a sudden flash his body was disintegrated! Barely a second after that the other colony NE was equally vaporized from another green blast from behind the group!

Three more blasts hit the ground around the colony chiefs feet, and Ander’s feet. =/\= Freeze! Any movement and you two are next!=/\= Came a synethic voice above them 20 feet off hunched over by a heavy rock with non-descript particle rifle aimed at them. Glancing about they could also make out five more figures in cover having gotten the drop on them.

Taking this in the security chief frowned, looking angry and a bit annoyed it seems, slowly dropping his laser pistol and slowly raising his hands.

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