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Posted June 5, 2023, 6:09 p.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


Blinking the Governor gave a surprised look, “..A ship? To the northern pole? Not anything up there except ice, and our primary geothermal plants for the colonial shields, defense stations planet side, and secondary emitters and relays for some infrastructural systems that feed melting ice and such to different colonial hubs..” He said thinking on this for a moment.

GM CockRoach

Ra’Ti laughed… loudly. And it was certainly directed at the Governor… not that the Governor was laughing so he could have laughed with him. “Seriously?! Did those words just leave your mouth? ‘Nothing up there except critical defense infrastructure and water which is the source of all life as we know it.’” he said in a clearly irritated manner. “Listen, Gov… you need to pull your head out. You got an unknown ship with advanced camouflage capabilities that was headed to your critical infrastructure taking great pains to not be seen doing it. You have someone or someones in your citizenry feeding info off-world to unknown entities. And you have a known pirate problem. What? Did you think this would just go away?” He cocked his head to the side and stared at the Governor and his bodyguard with a look that had, in another life, sent star ship captains into fits of shivering fright. “You. Still. Have. Valuables. And if you think any pirate with this kind of gear is gonna let you sit here and just have it without at least trying to take every last credit you have? Then you lot are bigger fools than I thought. And that’s sayin’ something.”

Ra’Ti, Tactical

Rende cast a glance at Xam, she was in total agreement with him, but she had a feeling the Governor wasn’t the kind to be humble and admit there was a problem. “To put it simply, they are after to hold siege to your colony, Governor. Control the water, they control you. Your colony ID quite fancy and luxurious. It’s a prime target. And they obviously have been watching for awhile and have good Intel if they know where to hit.”

Asam, CO

An annoyed look passed over the Governor’s face at Ra’ti’s perceived rudeness, “..I am well aware WHAT a pirate does and the threats they can pose! I was considering concerns that should next be taken at this news.” Then looking to Asam, “..again Captain I am well aware the target we present, clearly as you outlined there is more going on then is known to me. I take pride in my colony and it’s citizens. Clearly as you hinted there could very well be sympathizers to these pirates, whether Orion or otherwise.” he said in agreement. “..However, unless you can point to me who might do such currently I can only trust for now for your ship’s company to find a solution to this threat until I can ascertain who elsewhere I can trust to carry out securing this colony’s defense..” He said.

The butler and bodyguard nearby spoke, “..Governor given this information, it would be wise for your wife and children to be brought here for their safety. We should also activate the transport inhibitors for this room once they arrive. Your family’s guards and I are sworn to your security though I will personally suggest I and the Sentinel’s tactical officer Vet each one before entering here..” He said.

The Governor gave a nod, “..Captain I would ask then Mr. Ra’Ti and my personal guard go to get my family to return them here. I and many here may prefer our independence from the Federation and Starfleet’s rules. But my family and my colony’s safety does come first and foremost in my mind..” he said.

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