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The woman nodded and led them down the street a few blocks, “..Would you mind if we held our discussion at The Chocolate Dip Café?” She asked indicating a small cafe with seats and tables in an outside area.

GM CockRoach

Charlie smiled and nodded, her stomach starting to rumble after a long days work. “That sounds lovely, lead the way.” She replied as the smell of coffee and cake filled her nostrils.

Lt (jg) Bailey (CMO)

Thaddeus simply nodded and walked behind Dr. Bailey, remaining silent as they walked.

–Dr. MacKenzie–

”..Thank you.” she said taking her own seat, a moment or so later, a slim darker toned woman came up to them.

”..Welcome to the Chocolate Dip Cafe, my name is Sandal. Can I interest you in one of our fresh fruit tea drink specials? They come in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic if you prefer..” She asked also handing the trio a PADD menu listing various other foods both native and not. The gambit ran from simple sandwiches, to full on meat with two sides, to various desserts.

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