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Posted June 12, 2023, 5:11 p.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


=/\=..You Federation folks always never want trouble but then you keep going to poke your noses into our enterprises. Well we’ve had enough of your snooping!=/\= came the synthetic voice, the person then looked to where the colonial ranger was with his hands in the air, =/\= And we got enough of our deal too, thanks for your help..=/\= He said, then before he could react the colonial ranger chief was also shot and disintegrated. Turning back with the energy pistol the voice spoke again, =/\= Alright, now that thats over with, move..=/\= He said swaying the pistol to the right to indicate for the chief to head up the hill. The other five around him kept their distance but energy rifles trained on their new prisoner.

GM CockRoach

Marcus flinched as the energy pistol left the ranger in a pile of smoldering ash next to the Security Chief, “Bloody hell! You didn’t have to kill him! We were surrendering!” Anders made a steady walk up the hill as the people aiming weapons at him fell into step.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Anders was led by gun point up the hill, when they reached the top they found an open clearing at the base of a stream which held in a large open cave mouth of natural make it seems a hover car, the back end held several containers with markings on it which Anders couldn’t quite make out from this angle due to the cave shadows. Another slightly larger crate was hauled out of the deeper part of the cave and the faint sound of one or maybe two people whimpering in fright came to his hears. The masked people gestured to the crate as the latch was prepared to be opened. =/\= In…=/\= The figure said waving the energy pistol at him then the crate, he stood about 5 feet away but others were still keeping an eye on him, he could try to make a break for it or attack the figure but it was a risky attempt on if he’d get away or win the fight. The choice was his....

GM CockRoach

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