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Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Shuttlebay - Bringing in the asteroid ship
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Morgan flipped open the top of her own tricorder and began scanning the interior with the connected wand looking for any biological or chemical traces as she began searching the different compartments, cabinets, and such. Moving about the different areas.

NL Morgan and NE Ayden

Surprisingly there was not much system security. The only thing stopping the engineer from downloading the logs was a six digit password. They could probably brute force their way in without much trouble in a few minutes.

Ayden watched the screen. “6 digit password…alright then.” He keyed up a cipher program and started it running to decipher the password so he could get into the logs.

Meanwhile Morgan’s search found nothing in the cockpit or side room through the closed door that was currently alive/present, so they were alone in that regard. However, trace elements of residue around the cockpit indicating 2 maybe 3 separate bio signatures, one was definitely human. The second was definitely Orion, male or female was unknown, the third if there was such was harder to tell it might also be Orion but it was not clear given its lower residue count, which possibly indicated an older sample that may or not have been present with the first two. Checking through the compartments everything seemed cleared out, only a pair of emergency oxygen bottles for universal breathing hook ups was found in one forgotten cabinet. A few food wrappers of non-labeled nature showed someone had eaten some kind of generic dried food paste a day or so ago.

Morgan opened her evidence kit and took sample of all three bio signatures. They could be used to identify who had been on this ship, when they found them.

Once they would check into the side room they would find a dual pad transporter system array. The thing was currently without power, seeming having ran off a pair of emergency batteries, enough for a one way trip for one probably two people. The system did not even log transporter data, a very much simplistic hacked together affair but quite secure if one was trying to prevent a captured vessel from knowing where the user/users were going.

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GM CockRoach

“Hey Ayden, how far if a reach do you think this transporter has?” Morgan called out. “I am going to take these bio samples to sickbay. Jones is still here along with the rest of the team.” Morgan headed out to sickbay she paused at a comm panel. =O=Cmdr Alden, this is Lt Morgan. Can you meet me at your office?=C=

Morgan and Ayden

=O= One moment and I’ll be there.=C= Roman said through the comm. Several minutes later, he was on deck 9, standing in front of his office. He needed to return to the bridge, this had to be quick.

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Morgan was exciting sickbay when Alden arrived on deck 9. “Cmdr. Alden. We found traces of 2 Orion and 1 human DNA on the ship. One of the Orion samples was very old and degraded though. I took samples to sickbay. I was hoping they can run a comparison of the human DNA, at least, with people from the colony. There is a two person transporter running on primitive batteries. The computer didn’t even log the destination. Ayden is working on cracking their computer security. Once he does we should have access to their flight and communication logs. I didn’t know if you would want to come down and see for yourself.”

NLt Morgan

“I need to remain in command of the bridge,” Roman replied. “Keep working on their computer systems and report back when you’re done.”

~ Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

“Aye, Cmdr.” Morgan did a quick about face for the lift and back to the shuttlebay. She entered and made her way to the alien ship. “Ayden! You have any luck yet?”

NL Morgan


Their computer wasn’t terribly hard to crack into. The comm logs revealed last transmission out was Tell them to have their payment for the month ready. the flight logs showed this wasn’t the craft’s first journey to the colony. It went between the colony and an asteroid belt in a nearby system monthly.


Ayden called Morgan over and showed her. “I am going to try and see if we can get an exact location of where they have been going back to. There has to be a ship or small station they are meeting.”

Morgan nodded, “Do that. I’m going to talk to the Cmdr. Call the bridge when you have something.”

NL Morgan, sec

There was a large asteroid which the vessel seemed to fly into on each return trip.


=O=Bridge this is Ayden. This ship…there is a large asteroid it flies into on the end of its trip. I’m sending the coordinates up. My guess would be a camouflaged station of some sort. =C=

NE Ayden

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Ayden answered, = O = The sensors on this ship are primitive, but I will see if I can get any more detail.” To Kovan, Ayden replied, “I will send a tech to the bridge with it.= C = First he removed the black box and sent it up to the bridge. Then he went to work trying to get more info about the station.


The sensor logs showed a station with 9 identical shuttles parked in it. There were also large quantities of latinum, water, and various natural resources that were varying degrees of valuable.


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