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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders (Chief of Security) in Side Sim - Meeting the Crew

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Flint was always dubious about the Class F shuttles and the state they appeared in, in essence, held together with whatever the engineering departments could find, he always remembered his mother saying “Just hold your breath” when entering one. “She wasn’t wrong…” he thought to himself.

The shuttle started to enter the Risa atmosphere, and once again started to bounce around, causing him to grab onto the seats in front with more than a shallow grip.

Flint’s new assignment to the UCC Sentinel couldn’t have come at a better time, he was really looking forward to getting involved with a new crew, better surroundings, and a fast-paced environment, he had heard they were on a well-deserved shore leave break after their previous mission.

The shuttle touched down on the landing pad and Flint grabbed his bag, the door opened and he was welcomed with the weather-controlled system the locals had bought in, heat hit his face and the smell of the water greeted his senses.

Flint has his orders to come and find the crew in a less formal environment, to break the ice and have an introduction with them.

Walking from the shuttle he headed into the primary resort via local transport, hoping he would at least bump into some of his new crew.

  • Flint Locke - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Science Officer

Captain Asam had prearranged for several accommodations to be reserved for the crew. Those who wished to stay elsewhere could, but Asam wanted to be sure those that had never graced Risa’s ground had an upstanding place to stay.

Rand had been tasked with assisting to get the crew settled. She made sure everyone’s bags were not lost, they all had a communicator, and were briefed on the local laws and customs. She helped to make sure everyone checked in timely to the resort and found their room. She enjoyed helping and was glad to see everyone get the break they deserved.

She spotted an as yet unmet Officer, but he was familiar from his personnel file photo. Her polished black knee high uniform boots clicked across the tiled floor. “Lt Locke. I’m Yeoman Rand, USS Sentinel.”

Yeoman Rand

Flint couldn’t help but notice the boots that were presented in front of him, they came over as structured and militant on the uniform, something he was certainly accustomed to on his previous postings.

The past of Locke was interesting within the environment he used to serve, structure, and goals were at the foremost of his training but with an out-the-box thinking style, regardless of it he felt he was out of place or not.

Flint extended his hand to greet the Yeoman.

“Lieutenant Flint Locke, reporting for duty” he said with haste “It’s always nice to meet a crew in such a scenic environment”.

  • Flint Locke - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Science Officer

The young woman grasped his hand and shook it firmly. “It is a rare crew rotation.” She balanced her large PaDD on her left arm and tapped away at it with her stylus in he right. “We are here on shore leave for 12 days. We are doing 2 six day rotations. The captain reserved several rooms here at the resort. We still have an empty room this rotation if you would like to take your leave now? Or you can report to the ship and join the second rotation.” She looked up at him expentantly.

Yeoman Rand

Flint took the woman’s hand and felt the grasp, firm, but urgent, he thought to himself.

Having been on such a long trip with much relaxation, he was eager to get going, meeting the crew and being thrown inside a new mission was on his agenda, he also hoped to prove his worth to everyone around him.

“Happy to return to the ship” he said with haste and a small smile.

As much as the sun shone on his face and the sound of broken waves surrounded him, duty was on his mind.

  • Flint Locke - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Science Officer

The yeoman nodded. “Give me 5 minutes and I will arrange to have your bags transferred to the Sentinel and then we will head up.” She didn’t wait for a response but hurried off toward the counter of the resort and spoke with a man there. Then she flipped open the communicator from her belt. A minute later she was returning. “All taken care of.” =O=Rand to Sentinel. Two to beam up.=C=

=O=Stand by… Energizing=C=

Rand and Locke appeared on the transporter pad. “Thank you, Chalmers. The Chatanooga will be sending over his bags. Please have them transfered to deck 7 berth 19.” Chalmers nodded, “Sure thing Rand. Welcome aboard Lt.,” he said to Locke.

Rand moved out of the transporter room, pulling an antique necklace watch from beneath her uniform. “Hmmm. If we hurry you can meet Cmdr Alden before he reports for bridge duty. He is our XO and your department head.” She pressed the button for the lift and when it came she called for the deck, “Deck 9,” and the lift took off.

Yeoman Rand

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The turbolift halted slightly earlier than the two officers expected and revealed a very haggered Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders, who was just coming off of his early patrol, ‘Mornin Rand, don’t let me do early patrol again lass, I’m gonna be dreamin o’ red alerts for weeks!’

Flint gave a small nod and a smile as the Lieutenant entered the turbo lift early.

He noticed a calm air between the crew here, they all seemed to be on the same level.

“I don’t make the schedule Lt., but I will be sure to send a reminder back to you if you submit one that has you listed for early patrols.” Rand nodded a bit shyly but smiled politely. “Is everything alright?”

He shot a look at the new officer, ‘Oh by eck! Where are me manners? Lieutenant Anders, Chief of Security, Marcus to me friends!’

He had noticed the exchange between the two friendly but formal, he liked it.

Locke extended his hand to greet Lieutenant Anders.

“Nice to meet you Lt.” he said with a engaging look.

“Lt Anders, this is Lt Locke. He’s one of our new science officers. I’m taking him down to meet Cmdr Alden.” She didn’t add that she was hoping to get Locke there before Alden had a bridge shift. Those tended to make him grumpy. Interrupting his lab work could do that, but not when it was to introduce new officers - especially science ones.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Yeoman Rand

Flints time on his last posting felt different to this one, he was very much used to the hustle which appeared here, but with a sense of relaxation before was not showing here.

“It’s going to be nice to get my hands dirty” he thought to himself.

  • Flint Locke - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Science Officer

“What is your specialization, Lt?” she asked Locke.

Yeoman Rand

“Astrophysics” Flint said with a bound in his voice, his background was cemented with his history of his parents also pursuing the field.

He excelled through the academy with this subject,

“I also have a high involvement with Xenobiology” he also went in with.

With Flint loosing his parents to unknown circumstances really took him down a hole filled with obsession.

“Hope you don’t mind an extra bit of company Lieutenant?” Marcus asked brightly.

Flint turned and smiled towards the Lieutenant, and nodded.

“Not at all” he said “looking forward to getting involved with the crew overall”.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

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  • Flint Locke - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Science Officer

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