Side-Sim: Risa is Overrated Anyways (Open)

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Posted by Ensign Kovan ch’Sirhc (Engineering & Communications Officer) in Side-Sim: Risa is Overrated Anyways (Open)
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Posted by Master Chief Petty Officer Karl Johansson (Chief Engineer) in Side-Sim: Risa is Overrated Anyways (Open)
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Kovan wished he knew how he ended up banned from entering Risa. He visited the planet after escaping the cult (the first one). Upon landing upon paradise Kovan began to drink. And drink. And drink until he couldn’t think straight. One moment he was sandwiched between two warm bodies at a club and the next he’s laying on a cold jail cell floor and drenched in ice water. Kovan knew what he’d been charged with. A kind officer read the entire list to him before stating in no uncertain terms he was never to return planet-side again or they’ll lock him up for good. How Kovan committed even half of those crimes he hadn’t the foggiest. What even was aggravated interference with healthcare services? And how in the world did it connect to tampering with a witness and residential mortgage fraud? Criminal nuisance he could understand but that plus those and everything else he supposedly did?

He wish he knew. Either way the end result was the same. Kovan volunteered to stay behind and watch the ship while everyone else splashed among the warm waves and worked on their sun tans. The surly Andorian sat in the lounge, staring out the view port that framed the blue and green planet below. Before him his sketch pad as he recreated what little scenes and sights he could recall before he became blackout drunk. Wonderful, peaceful quiet filled the empty space of the ship. Kovan’s never felt more relaxed aboard this tin can than he did right now.

En ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

There was no greater end to relaxation for those of a cantankerous nature than a chronically happy NCO. “Didn’t take you for an artist Ensign” The cheerful tone of the Senior Chief Engineer sounded from right behind Kovan “I was mildly surprised to see your name on the Homestay list, not a fan of Risa?” He asked hands clasped behind his back, his uniform was scuffed and dirty, clearly, he’d been crawling around recently, rolled up sleeves and disheveled hair. Usually Karl wasn’t a very quiet man, usually humming to himself or chatting with anybody and nobody but somehow he’d snuck up behind the Andorian officer with some skill.

Master Chief Karl - CE

Kovan’s hand twitched, ruining the smooth motion and his charcoal pencil went wonky and the leg of the woman he was rendering suddenly gained a tumor. The communications officer breathed deeply through his nose before fixing the error with his kneaded eraser. “You must not use your eyes much, then.” He groused before redoing the errant line and the woman gained an unblemished leg. She lay on a beach beside another women, wearing the busy patterns that was consider fashionable a decade or two ago. It wasn’t like Kovan hid his art or only drew behind closed doors. Well, his more risque and explicit works were firmly behind closed doors. But that wasn’t all he drew.

That comment received an amused raised eyebrow from the NCO. The Communications Engineer’s surly temperament was almost refreshing.

“Me? Not a fan of a vacation planet full of giddy people getting drunk all day and frolicking on beaches like sexed-up seals? You don’t say.” Too many people who saw themselves and their fun as the center of the entire universe. Kovan was quite happy right where he was. “Why aren’t you do there?” If there was ever a place for Karl to find someone willing to listen to him prattle on and on then it was on Risa.

En ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

Karl turned to face the window, for a moment his expression turned forlorn but was quickly covered up with his usual smile “Planetary ordinance 241-3A subsection 3” Karl said as he looked at the planet in the distance “Long legalized bull made short, you’re not allowed to improve or repair local equipment unless you are authorized by the planetary government. Not allowed to take my tools with me”

He shrugged “Besides, with most of the Crew dirtside I can do some proper maintenance without explaining to some kid half my age fresh from the Academy what I’m doing” This brought a twinkle to his eyes, with the sleeves rolled up there were no obvious rank markings and he was wearing an older Non Commissioned style uniform meaning unless they knew him personally there was no way for new officers to recognize the ships Chief Engineer at first glance.

Master Chief - Karl CE

Kovan took a moment to make sure he properly understood the CE. “You’re not down there because you. . . wouldn’t be able to fix things?” Kovan had no place calling another person a workaholic. Not when he’s been repeatedly put on mandatory down-time and caught breaking said downtime but who turned down Risa because they couldn’t do work while dirt side? “You’re telling me you can’t sit on a beach and tinker on a personal project under some oversized umbrella? That you’re not happy unless you’re working on some big thing or project?” He could get wanting to work on repairs in peace but there would be plenty of opportunities for that. Hell, the CE could order people to leave him the hell alone and never have to talk to soul while working again. Kovan had to keep people away with his winning personality.

En ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

Karl looked back at Kovan and his grin widened “Ding, ding, ding” He said happily then laughed “I’m not quite that bad but do dislike leaving work left undone, Risa is a pretty place for certain but it feels like a facade like it isn’t quite real” He looked back outside “Although happiness has little to do with it, I just like it when the ships quiet, reminds me of the shipyards.”

Master Chief Karl -CE

Kovan squinted at the CE, dumbfounded by the man’s cheer. What sort of anomalous space hole did this man pull all this disgusting happiness out of? He should tell Kovan so he could avoid that patch of space like it was the demilitarized zone. At least they could agree on quiet ships, “Don’t get used to it. Shore leave doesn’t last forever. Despite how some officers act otherwise.”

Karl raised an eyebrow at Kovan’s reply but didn’t say anything, just kept looking outside.

Several members of the crew had hesitatingly inquired about Kovan’s Risa plans so they would know what places to avoid. Said inquiries ceased the moment Kovan’s name appeared on the short list to stay aboard. “Well, don’t let me keep you from your repairs.” He intoned in a dry voice, his gaze back on his sketchbook. Light and broad strokes of his hand formed the outline of large and fluffy clouds in the sky.

En ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

“You’re not” Karl said “I’m actually here to see you” He didn’t turn around “Tell me ensign, what are your plans for the future?” He asked his tone less jovial, almost serious.”

Master Chief Karl - CE

Kovan’s hand stilled. He stared at the picture taking shape upon his sketchbook as though it were a map that showed exactly where he took a wrong turn to end up in this predicament. His lips pressed together into a tight line, “My plans are to stay exactly where I’m at.” Don’t get kicked out of Starfleet. That was his one and only goal. To never screw up so badly that he loses his last and only life-line left. Without Starfleet and the protection of the Federation he’s screwed. “If you’re here to talk me into a promotion then save your breath. I’m not interested.”

En ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

Karl laughed at Kovan’s blunt answer “Stars no, you’re a decent enough engineer, don’t rightly know about your communications skills but I’ve heard no complaints so I assume the same there. You strike me as a lifer, although I might throw in a promotion offer every now and then just to mess with you” His expression made it certain that he was not serious “But in all seriousness, Do you have any plans longer than staying here? Anything beyond the next five or so years?” He asked.

MAster Chief Karl - CE

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“Better than my engineering skills,” Kovan said in a brusque tone. He was a communications officer first and foremost. Engineering filled his time and kept his hands busy. He scowled at the remark and bit back a harsh comment that would more than likely see him written up again. “What’s the point of that? I only care about tomarrow.” What was the point in thinking about five years down the line? Kovan spent most of his life wandering from one place to another, ship to ship, star system to star system. He placed one foot in front of the other and wherever he ended up then that’s where he was. The only people who obsessed over five year or ten year plans were people who had pretty little lives free of hardship or danger. The kind of boring life that made planning for the future far more exciting than living in the moment.

En ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR


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