Years Past - Meeting Her Crush... But Not *That* Kind Of Crush

Posted Nov. 23, 2023, 4:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Kreed (Chief Medical Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) in Years Past - Meeting Her Crush… But Not That Kind Of Crush

Posted by Lieutenant Kreed (Chief Medical Officer) in Years Past - Meeting Her Crush… But Not That Kind Of Crush

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) in Years Past - Meeting Her Crush… But Not That Kind Of Crush
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Leah took a seat and crossed her legs at the knee so she could balance the PADD on her lap and take notes. She took a moment to look up at Kreed’s readings and made some notations. “Don’t mind me, just recording your vitals for reference. They all look great by the way.” She looked up at him. “So, how are your feeling, both physically and emotionally since you’re woke up from the coma?” He seemed pretty matter-of-fact, so she decide to be so as well.

~Leah Hart, NP

Kreed thought for a moment and then said “Physically I am in pain. I have pain in my right leg, but that is from the physical therapy and will subside. My left leg hurts constantly from the surgery, but I think that will lessen over time. My lower back gets sharp shooting pains in it if I am still for too long. Looking at the scans, I am sure that will probably be a chronic issue.” Surprisingly, there was no fluctuation in his vitals as he described the pain he was in or the fact that he would likely have a chronic pain from his injuries. “I also get headaches, but that is expected with all of the medications I am taking currently.” He paused and thought again. “Emotionally I am… confused. I keep getting visited by Admirals and Senators and Ambassadors and all of these individuals who i do not know and who do not know me but who keep telling me that they are proud of me. That is… odd. I also feel a bit like how I would assume a lab specimen would feel if it was sentient. I mean, I assume that part of your role here outside of your assessment is to determine why I am not reacting the way that many expect or believe I should. Is that correct?” His tone was not hostile, nor argumentative. It was simply him stating answers to her question in the most complete way he could.


She bobbed her head to and fro. “That might be why the physicians called me down, but my purpose is a bit of that but also a bit different.”

Leah gazed at him for a few moments. “Their perspective is coming from a certain lens, for the most part that of a Humanoid. But you’re not Humanoid. Many sentient beings experience an array of symptoms in the aftermath of a trauma, and what you went through most definitely qualifies as a big T trauma. And all are normal, unless they persist over a period of time and then we could consider that abnormal, especially if they impact the person’s ability to go about everyday life.”

“Other than my mobility, I don’t feel as though I have been impacted negatively. I was hurt, nearly killed, but I was rescued and my recovery continues. I don’t see how that is a problem.” He wasn’t so much talking to her as thinking out loud.

“With you, they are watching for these symptoms and because they haven’t seen any of them, they’re worried. Do you think they should be?” Hart askd.

~Leah Hart, NP

Kreed started to shake his head and winced. “No. No I do not. I am aware of the physiological and psychosomatic responses to issues like PTSD and anxiety; especially after a near-death experience. But those responses are quite… and I hope you take no offense to this… mammalian-centric. We, Star Fleet and the Federation, have other classifications of sentient members. Insectoid. Avian. Reptilian, like myself. Would it not be scientifically sound to expect our brains to function differently than those of other classifications? I mean… I asked for a heated blanket and was told that they didn’t want to risk my temperature rising.” and his eyes narrowed slightly as he cocked his head to the side and looked at Hart. “I’m cold blooded. I don’t get ‘temperatures’ in that sense. It is physiologically impossible. But… I had to ask multiple times for the blanket.” he shrugged slightly. “I think I am not reacting to the experience they way they expect because I am not what they expect. But that is an issue for them, not me. I honestly feel just fine. Emotionally that is, of course. I almost died. Yes. But I didn’t. So… why do I need to keep discussing it?”


Leah broke into a wide smile. “You know, a similar line of thought went through my mind when they asked me, and that’s sort of why I broached my question the way I did. Because you’re absolutely right, brains work different for different types of species. So I propose we shift the way we look at what I’ve been requested to do. Let’s frame this as a learning opportunity. I think my colleagues can do better and in order for them to think more broadly about how mental health applies to different species, they need to be exposed to different versions of it. And I would like to learn myself.” She lifted and waved the PADD. “And so no one can accuse me of no doing my due diligence, I suggest we keep meeting for awhile, just on the off chance that you did develop symptoms later. Because trauma isn’t always a linear process, which we also need to consider.”

“Would that be alright with you? Would you mind helping me understand better so that I can help others understand and not make the same mistakes?” Hart asked. It was both a request for collaboration and also a way for her to make sure he understood that this wasn’t some fascinating novelty but a concern she wanted to address one a wider scale.

~Leah Hart, NP

“Of course. Anything I can do to help, I will.” he said flatly. And, after his actions on the Taliskar that caused them to be meeting under these circumstances, there was little to make anyone think that the sentiment was not a sincere one. “Should we begin now? I am happy to answer any questions you have about what happened.”


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