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Posted Nov. 24, 2023, 10:01 p.m. by Lieutenant Kreed (Chief Medical Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Quinn Emery Kindle (Medical) in Kindle and Kreed, (tags Kreed )
Quinn liked the think she was generally a good example of medical officer. She did not like being a patient any more than anyone else did. She limped into the sickbay and gave a toned down version of her signature cheeky grin to the Nurse on duty. “Is the CMO around or can I borrow a nurse for helping me figure what damage I did to my toes?”

Kindle, MO

OOC: not sure if you still want to use the npc nurses I had named previously or not?

OOC: We absolutely can! Um… can you send me a list? ; )

The nurse looked at her. “Oh dear… not the ideal way to meet the new boss, eh Lieutenant? ” they teased. “Biobed one. I’ll send him over.”

A minute later, the reptilian form of the new CMO came over. “Ah yes… Lieutenant Kindle. I was hoping to meet you under less… doctor - patient circumstances.” He looked at her a moment and then said “To what do we owe this visit?”

Kreed, CMO

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