En Route- Mental Health Priorities

Posted Nov. 27, 2023, 12:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) in En Route- Mental Health Priorities

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He nodded, but it was an empty gesture. He was unlikely to actually do that, not just because he didn’t want a psych in the first place, but because travelling across six ships, she was likely to be busy enough.

~ Roman

Did she accept it? Maybe not, but there was only so much she could push add she knew they had reached their limit. [o]Alright.[o] Leah gave him an encouraging smile. [o]Believe it or not, I am more optimistic than I was earlier in our conversation. I know it might not feel like much, but you did take a step forward today and that took courage and I won’t view it as anything less than that. Neither should you.[o]

She looked like she might close the call, but she leaned in and eyed in intently with all the knowing of someone who had dealt with many a recalcitrant patient. [o]Call me. It’s a part of my job. I didn’t go into nursing or Starfleet expecting routine schedules.[C] Leah winked and then the screen returned to its usual standby mode.

~Leah Hart, NP

It was maybe an hour or so later that Hart’s comms chirped with a call from the Sentinel, marked from Cmdr Roman Alden and jr Lt. Miranda Farquharson.

Yeoman Rand

Leah had just been winding down before bed when her attention was pulled away from her reading. Setting the PADD down, she moved over to where her communicator was plugged it into the terminal and activated the call.

~Leah Hart, NP

On the screen appeared Roman, looking worse than earlier, and Rand as well, sitting next to him. “Sorry, I hope we’re not bothering you. I…” his voice broke off and he glanced at Rand. “I need to- to talk.”

~ Roman

Leah was surprised to that he was reaching out to her, and that fact was not overlooked even if she didn’t let her surprise show at all on her face. She also noted Rand’s presence and had no doubt the woman’s presence was key to little turn of events. “[O]I’m glad took my invitation seriously and called,[o] Leah said. [o]Fill me in. What’s happening for you?[o]

~Leah Hart, NP

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