The Arrival of Leah Hart

Posted Nov. 27, 2023, 6:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Kreed (Chief Medical Officer) in The Arrival of Leah Hart

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) in The Arrival of Leah Hart


Leah gave him a lopsided grin. “Well, given we’re both just getting our feet under us, I figure we’re just winging it mostly, so no, can’t think of anything. Aside from the fact that this is going to be a lot of changes for me, Kreed,” she said, dropping the formalities for the moment. “I can make it work, but I’ve been living on a planet my whole life, and travelling to get places is a temporary thing. I mean, it’s going to take time getting used to the fact that I’ve got no window in my quarters, even though I’ve already worked out a solution. Just… bear with me as I settle in.” She hoped it would be a smooth transition but she didn’t want to underestimate its impact on her since it could very well affect her work.

~Leah Hart, NP

Kreed shrugged. “That is to be expected, of course. And I have no choice but to bear with you. You are here. And it’s not like you can just walk off the ship.” he said.


Leah chuckled. “There is that. But more than that I am going to ask you to let me know if you notice I’m struggling and it’s showing up here at work. I expect a little, but I don’t want it to negatively impact our work here, and I know all too well that people can be blind to how they might be impacting others. So please let me know.” She had a hard enough call with her mother, and then there had been an equally eye rolling one with her sister. She loved her family, but they could be… a lot, adn they were not people she could count on to be her support system.

~Leah Hart, NP

Kreed stared at her blankly for a moment. “And what in our history would lead you to believe that I wouldn’t say something if I saw you struggling?” he asked. It was sometimes frustrating to try and tell if he was joking or not.

Kreed, CMO

A glimmer appeared in her dark brown eyes. “Consider it me stating the obvious and me also being a good health professional and anticipating that this next while might be a lot to manage, especially given a rather recalcitrant patient who will need intensive focus from myself.”

~Leah Hart, NP

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