Temp Quarters- Assessing the Situation

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Leah Hart (Nurse Practitioner/Counseling) in Temp Quarters- Assessing the Situation

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Leah left Roman and returned to Sickbay, looking for Kreed. She spotted him talking with another staff member and simply gave him a deep look and gestured towards his office. She let him finish his conversation, and stepped into the office, taking up residence in one of the guest chairs. Her body was tired and she took a moment to try to relax without showing just how fatigued she was. It was something to deal with later, but right now she was still on. She had a patient who needed her.

~Leah Hart, NP

Kreed followed her inside and sat behind the desk. “I take it from your body language you have seen the Commander?” he asked flatly.


She nodded slowly. “We’re not done for the day in terms of having a full assessment, but I have a pretty solid picture of the situation we’re dealing with. I’m giving us a 30-minute break, for both our sakes. This is always hard work for everyone.”

Leah slouched in her seat and tapped her fingers on her thigh before she looked at Kreed. “My intention is to give him some positive interaction to help his current state. I still recommend that he remain in the temp quarters under observation, but we can allow vetted visitors. In this case, I think it will be beneficial for his fiancee to visit, along with his pet rabbit. I’m also going to allow her to being a beverage, coffee she makes, for them to enjoy together. Connection to the positive things in his life is super important right now, because the note was not just a warning. It was pure chance that it was the catalyst for all of this, but the fact remains that the commander is suicidal. Not was, but is. So I am proceeding under that premise. My intention is to continue my assessment and hopefully by the end of today’s chat he and I- maybe with Rand involved yet, I’m not sure- will have an action plan for his treatment. One that is realistic, he and I both agree to, and will ideally get him back on duty doing the work he loves.”

~Leah Hart, NP

Kreed was thoughtful and then said “I would be cautious about including Rand too much. I am not a psychologist by any means… but even I can see the troubling level of codependency between them. For both of their sakes, I would stress caution. That being said… I am obligated yo inform the Captain of your assessment. She will need to name an acting First Officer until such time as Commander Alden is deemed fit to return to duty.” Kreed’s word carried an surity to them. He knew Alden would recover. It was simply a matter of how… and when.

Kreed, CMO

She knew it would hit Roman hard. he was acting as if he just answered Leah’s questions then everything would be fixed. Her job would be to prepare him for the journey they had started and guide him. But she shouldn’t predict where they would end up. “I will trust the captain to do so mindfully. And I hear your caution and understand it. In some ways I share it, but some support network is better than none. If I can help them find balance along the way, I will, but right now, I have a person who has lost hope, Kreed. We both know how powerful even a shred of hope can be. I don’t want to take away the possibility of him finding that, because we on the outside don’t understand their relationship.” She definitely had thoughts on the couple so far but they were simple impressions and Leah knew people were more complex than the surface they presented, solo or in relation to others. Until she understood better, she was treading gently.

~Leah Hart, NP

“Too true. I simply do not wish, should the Commander not follow through and do the work he must, for him to drag down anyone else with him.” Rand was a good officer, and so was Alden. But Kreed was hesitant to rely on one to help the other… especially if the ‘help’ meant one of them had to be uncomfortable or exposed.


“I don’t want that either,” Leah said. “These situations can go a variety of ways, and even though I’m trained in how to handle any of them, I’m going to trust my intuition, as I always have. It rarely leads me astray, and I know at least what I’m up against in this scenario. Just continue to trust me to handle this the best way I know how, and if I get at all uncertain, I promise I will consult with you.” He knew her well enough from a professional standpoint to know that Leah did not have an ego when it came to the treatment of her patients. She did not believe she was always right, she could admit mistakes, and she truly believed that each patient was the expert on their life. Her whole purpose was to help reframe things so that they could find clarity where there was murkiness, and shine a light in the places where darkness had taken hold. She revealed the path, but never created it.

~Leah Hart, NP

“If I did not trust you to handle this, I would not have requested you.” Kreed said matter-of-factly. “And of course you would consult with me. Who else would you consult with?” he asked with a tone of genuine confusion.

Kreed, CMO

She should know better at this point, knowing him as she did. “I should rephrase that to say that I won’t hesitate to consult with you.”

“Next step is that I am going to introduce some positive things for the commander. Right now, everything feels dire, and while we’re not going to sugarcoat the situation, we also have to remind him that there is more than just the pain and helplessness present in this situation. So, I’m going to go see Rand and see about bringing him this coffee he likes, plus his pet rabbit for a visit. Then I’ll finish my evaluation. He will remain in these quarters, but I think we can allow brief visits. I do believe they can be unsupervised, but I won’t make that decision till later today.”

“Anything you wish to add to the overall observations?” Hart said.

~Leah Hart, NP


Kreed was silent a moment before saying “No, I do not think so. But I do want to stress to you that he must be a willing participant in the process. If he is resistant, or if you or I have to confess tinge to drag him to help, I will not be able to clear him to resume a position on a starship. This risk that would pose is simply too high.”

Kreed, CMO

She nodded. “I’m aware. And I do think a part of him is too. I’ve made it very clear how this works, but that the goal is to come up with a plan together. It’s pointless if he’s not invested in it and frankly, he’s an incredibly intelligent man, but he underestimates me. I see through him more than he thinks I do.” Leah shrugged and pushed her chair back. “Alright, thank you for your time. I’m going to go see a yeoman about some coffee.”

With a nod of her head, Leah got up and left his office. Before she left Sickbay though, she queried the whereabouts of Yeoman Farquharson .

~Leah Hart, NP

Rand heard the query over the ship’s comms. She secured the lid on Nibble’s cage and quickly washed her hands before moving to the panel. [O]This is Rand. I’m on Deck 9 Biology lab. What can I do for you Lt.?[C]

Yeoman Rand

[O] Are you alone? Or can you be somewhere where we can talk privately for a moment?[o] she asked. Leah was mindful that just because Rand was in the lab, it didn’t mean there was no one else around.

~Leah Hart, NP

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