USS Viking - NCC-88750-A

Hearken unto the clarion call of an endless ocean of stars with the crew of the USS Viking. Journey to the galaxy's distant horizons to discover the eldritch secrets of bygone civilizations. Conquer the mysteries of deep space and secure peace for the Federation. Reap the bounties of first contact with strange and wondrous cultures across myriad worlds. Sharpen your wit and steel your resolve for a trek unlike any other. Will your tales be sung in the hallowed halls of legend, or will it fade into obscurity like so many before you?

Captains Ready Room
Captain's collar Vacant as Captain TBA

Words of Wisdom Here

XO's Office
Lt Cmdr's collar Jason Wolfe as Commander Kohr

Hello, friends! I'm very much looking forward to working with you all as we get things underway here on the Viking! Let's all do our best to create some amazing and memorable stories together. If you have any questions or concerns, my Discord is always available (Jeisyn#3911); feel free to send me a message, introduce yourself. Now, get out there and have fun. That's an order!

Our Current Story

The Viking discovered a massive alien ship while on a routine patrol of deep space. The ship was transmitting a very friendly greeting, asking for help and welcoming replying aliens to come aboard. When the Viking came in range, it received a sort of “welcome packet” of information about the aliens and their culture—very much like a childhood film showing you the marvels and wonders of a far-off land. The ship also requested two liters of antimatter, though again in an automated fashion. Some of the crew felt this was suspiciously similar to an event that befell another Federation ship years and years ago, so they opted to learn more of the aliens before passing over the good stuff.

An away team was dispatched to investigate the ship, learning rather quickly that the entire crew—what crew there was left—was in stasis. Many were dead in their tubes, but one tube in particular was being handled with great care by the ship’s monitoring systems. This pod contained Lord Hab’rabi, a powerful man of station whose dress and bearing evoked images of old Earth gods. More curious still were the strange ember lights that moved about his head like curious insects, drifting in and out of his skull in a disturbing fashion that seemed to bother him not at all. Not quite convinced of Hab’rabi’s intentions or benevolence, the command staff extended an invitation of sorts for Hab’rabi to come aboard the Viking to discuss the antimatter. Though a bit long-suffering in his acceptance, Hab’rabi agreed upon the condition that he be borne to the Viking via shuttlecraft; he seemed very interested, though wary, of transporter technology that his kind did not yet possess or understand. In the meantime, the Viking took the larger alien ship in-tow and set course for a starbase, offering a limited power transfer to stabilize the foreign systems.

Not long after Hab’rabi was settled in his quarters did the crew begin to realize that the alien was not the only thing to have come aboard...

Main Sim Summaries are available in this thread series, so check it out if you need a refresher on what's going on!

Secret Closet
Black Lt Cmdr's collar Chief Intelligence Officer: Hjortur Ingi as Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson

You were transported off the Muninn, where did you end up? Where are the explosives and anti-matter?

Counselor's Nook
Teal Lt's collar Ship's Counselor: James Sinclair as Lieutenant Commander Janusz Korczak

After encountering the motes, many of the crew have been left confused and off balance.

Engineer's Tool Chest
Gold Lt collar Chief Engineer: Vacant as Lieutenant TBA

Work with security, medical and science to track and trap all four types of motes.

Security Office and Brig
Gold Lt collar Chief of Security: William Deaton as Lieutenant Issac Forgrave

Get to the Huginn and use the runabouts systems to track our crew and the missing explosives and antimatter. Junior officers work with engineering, medical and science to track and trap all four types of motes.

Science Labs
Teal Lt's collar Chief Science Officer: Sam Hayes as Lieutenant Markus Woods

Work with security, medical and engineering to track and trap all four types of motes.

Teal's collar Chief Medical Officer: Vacant as Lieutenant TBA

Use your knowledge of neurology to work with security, engineering, and science to track and trap all four types of motes.

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Posting Limits

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days
Current Vacancies


  • Commanding Officer

Department Heads:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical Officer

Junior Officers:

  • Engineering - 2
  • Medical - 1
  • Science - 1
  • Security - 1
  • Swings

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Chief Medical Officer
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