Debriefing the security team senior officers. Tag Darz and Luna

Posted Sept. 3, 2020, 6:52 a.m. by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in Debriefing the security team senior officers. Tag Darz and Luna

Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in Debriefing the security team senior officers. Tag Darz and Luna

Posted by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security officer) in Debriefing the security team senior officers. Tag Darz and Luna


Hravish smile, deciding to wait on delivering parental advice until their relationship had matured some. “ as you may be aware, Andoria is suffering some issues with our reproduction rate, so we are discouraged to leave home during our prime breeding years, so I did my duty and married young. I did take the opportunity to avail myself of the opportunity to attend the Andorian Academy as well as the War College and as a mater of corse served in the military. Once we were to old to continue to reproduce I joined Starfleet. Unfortunately some of my Andorian habits have created problems along the way. Don’t except a Klingon officers challenge to a duel.” The dry chuckle betrayed no regrets. “And most certainly don’t win.”

“ I’m am interested in what your experience on the Viking, and with the Shadows might inform me about my new posting.”


Luna shook her head “ there is something strange going on her people have disappeared and and returned then disappeared again” she said poising. “ many decks reman with out power even my pet owl gets spooked and won’t go near areas of the ship. Cerenity seams to think the shadows are talking to her and want to kill everyone onboard” luna said there was a dryness to her tone that sigested that she did not totally believe what Cerenity was telling her. Lights go on and off with out anyone using the controls replicaters don’t work and if they do it’s not edible and if we getting to a fire fight with another ship let’s just hope the computer doesn’t decide to play a joke on us. “ and we have enomys outside the ship but with in Star fleet of your here sir it’s because you upset someone high up the chain. We have been so for a refit For quite some time now and it keeps getting pushed back. Do not trust anyone in Star fleet that’s not part of this crew sir” Luna said calmly.
Ensign Luna

“Yes, among the missing is Loki or so Serenity told me. I am not inclined to dismiss her opinion about the shadows. Children at her age tend to be truthful to a fault. She may not understand all she sees, and as a child may hear things she shouldn’t as we adults discount children. So I am inclined to investigate her claims.”

Considering her warning, “I am sure you are correct, politics unfortunately corrupt every organization. That said, I will take your advice to trust the crew to heart.”


“The other adults have been talking about ghosts onboard it could very well be an over active imagination sir. I really would not know though the really aren any children like her. An my childhood is not a good example to go off of. ” Luna said. She thought for a moment. “ how do you sigest we investigate this. Prove ether it’s her imagination or real. I would definitely like to get to the bottom of this. ” She asked.
Ensign Luna
Ensign Luna

“ Debriefing children is tricky, but interrogating them is counter productive. She alluded that the shadows and the disappearances are related, and as some very strange events have been documented buy Star Fleet I wouldn’t discount anything. The truth is Anything is possible. Anything from over active imaginations to anaphasic life forms, god like entities, temporal displacement, sub space rifts…” Hravish shook his head. “The possibilities are endless. So we treat this like any investigation. We know we have missing crew, we have witnesses to interview, one assumes their is some kind of physical evidence. And the ‘defenses’ of this office and deck eight in general tell me that my predecessor was certainly afraid of something, I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t an unbroken circle of salt.”

“You intarigated my child” Luna growler. She was angry for a moment before calming down. “ I gess it serves me for losing her in the first place” Luna said.

No, No, nothing like that, Hravish laughed. We talked, but I guess I have been doing this so long there isn’t much of a difference.”

As insane as a haunted ship sounded, his career and the classified reports he was privy to had shown him some crazy things. If they had to break out the ghost traps and proton packs that is what he would do.

“ We have an obligation to protect our ship and crew, if we have to learn to fight ice wraiths we learn to fight ice wraiths.”


“ sir what are ice wraiths” Luna asked confused.
Ensign Luna

“ Hello, Leuitenant your right on time, Ice Wraiths are an Andorian ghost and from all accounts I hope we don’t have an infestation of those.” The Chan stood to greet her his handshake and smile warm and genuine.

((What time line is this (besides I used the wrong char for the last post lol) but if this is Main Sim time, Kalika is in ready room with Capt…))

OOC, pre time line sim. As the GM seems happy to throw me to the wolves right off the bat I have some ‘house keeping’ to do. Seems we broke the thread (I do that all the time).

Kalika came in then. She hadn’t fully been cleared for duty till she saw the Doc tomorrow for her final eval. But she had been given permission to see the Security Chief and let him know of her return. It was odd to come in now, not as the Chief, but as another officer. Seeing the group already there, she realized more than just time had passed here. Crew members had changed as well. Silent and reserved, the ex Security Chief came in and leaned on the wall to be part of the meeting though not fully there. “Lieutenant Darz, Kalika, reporting. Sir. I’m cleared for the meeting but not duty yet.” She looked to him letting him silently know she would discuss it later. She hoped he would get the hint. “If that’s all right… Chief.” She had to actually pause a moment to remember his title.

This was going to take more getting used to than she anticipated.

(If he’s familiar with her file, she ‘disappeared’ on the ship 6 months ago and arrived back just as suddenly under ‘mysterious circumstances’ two weeks ago… so he’s welcome to react however he wants to the last CHIEF showing back up after all this time…lol)

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