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6 months ago
She awoke with a gasp. She way lying on a cold hard surface, but there was a warmth on her face and arms as she lay face down. Her head pounded, her body felt as though it had been expected at warp 8 right into the side of an asteroid.

Putting her hands flat on the ground, she tried pushing herself to her feet, pain coursing through her body. And there was the wetness, the sticky liquid she could feel on her skin. Where was she? Her eyes tried to adjust in the dim lighting.

Finally she was able to push herself to a seated position. There, just a few meters from where she was. A shape on the floor. She wasn’t alone.

Then it all came rushing back to her. They had been on an away mission. Everything had been going peaceful and according to plan. The alien race they’d been sent to assist had been nothing but accommodating and hospitable. He had been walking with her along the shoreline, enjoying the evening breeze and the quaint beauty of the small city. Then, out of nowhere, they were ambushed by several attackers. She remembered a struggle, and then a blow to the back of her head.

Not able to summon the strength to stand, she crawled her way towards the other body on the floor. Her hands slid on the liquid on the floor. As she reached the body, she held a hand to her nose, giving a sniff to the liquid now covering her palms. It was undeniably… blood.

“Ryan,” She said, reaching out and shaking his arm. “Ryan wake up.” She shook him vigorously but he did not stir. Her hand went to hip, where she had placed her comm badge in a small pocket. It was gone.

She shook him again, harder. “Ryan!” She called out. Her hand trembled slightly as she reached towards his neck, pressing two fingers against the carotid artery. There was no pulse. He was dead.

Anger raged inside her. She quickly searched his pockets and his body to see if his comm badge was on him anywhere. It wasn’t. She let out a loud audible scream.

Pushing herself to her feet, she began searching around. Her eyes had adjusted more to the dim lighting now and she could see they were in a very small room, only one doorway and no windows. A solitary lighting fixture hung on the ceiling, five meters above her. There was one ventilation duct on the wall towards the ceiling, unreachable.

She made her way to the wall, and began searching with her hands, trying to find anything that might provide some means of escape. As she searched, suddenly the door opened and two figures rushed in. Before she had time to consider attacking or fighting them, they each grabbed one of her arms, dragging her out of the room. She kicked and yelled but it was to no avail. The two men dragged her through a series of corridors, which finally opened up to a larger room. The men dumped her onto the floor in the middle of the room, next to a small box.

“Your belongings are inside,” A voice boomed from above. “You will leave this place and never return.”

“Who are you?!?!” She screamed, albeit a bit raspy from her screaming and the soreness of her throat. “Why did you kill Captain Zins?”

“Take your belongings and leave,” The ominous voice said, more forcefully. “We will not give you another opportunity.”

Hesitant, she reached out and took the box and slowly opened the lid. Inside she found two comm badges and her high heel shoes, which until now she hadn’t even realized had been removed. She took a glance back over her shoulder at the two men who had dragged her into this room. Both stood with their arms crossed over their chests, and now she could see they had a strange sort of helmet covering their head and face.

As she slipped her feet back into the heels, in front of her a doorway opened, light from the outside flooding in. She had to shield her eyes with her hand for a moment. She took the two comm badges in hand, and got to her feet. Then she marched through the open doorway and into the sunshine. The door swished shut behind her.

Looking around to her her bearings, she realized she was in a part of the city that she hadn’t been to before. She was at the end of a street, surrounded by buildings that were several stories high around her. She turned to look back at the doorway she had just exited from, but it was no longer there. It appeared to be simply a solid wall. If only she had thought to bring her tricorder with her. But it was supposed to be a relaxing evening of food and drinks, for her and Ryan to spend time together in the way they did on such occasions, without the crew around and prying into their personal lives.

Tapping one of the comm badges, it did not initialize, and she assumed that whoever had abducted her had some kind of technology blocking the signal. She walked down the street, clearing the taller buildings, until she came upon a small plaza filled with trees and a fountain. The sun was still low in the sky, so it must be early in the morning. She passed a few people as she walked, all of them looking at her oddly. She realized she must look like a complete mess, covered in blood, her hair tangled and twisted, her makeup smeared on her face along with the blood.

Ducking into a corner, she tapped the comm badge again. This time it initialized. =/\= Allen to Charleston. Please respond =/\=

A moment later a voice replied. =/\= Commander Allen! =/\= It was Lieutenant Green, the Security chief. Her voice was full of concern. =/\= We have been unable to locate you or Captain Zins ever since late last night. Are you okay? =/\=

=/\= Just beam me back to the ship. I will explain everything =/\= She responded.

=/\= Okay, but where is Captain Zins? =/\= Lieutenant Green asked curiously.

=/\= Lieutenant! =/\= Michelle barked. =/\= One to beam up. Now!!! =/\=

=/\= Right away, Commander =/\= Came the response. A moment later, Michelle felt the telltale tingling of the transporter beam as it took her and she shimmered out of sight.

The shuttlecraft jolted, sending Michelle bouncing in her chair. She threw out a hand to brace herself on the console, shooting the NE at the helm controls a harsh glare.

“Sorry ma’am,” The poor NE said sheepishly. “Just some localized sub space turbulence. I’ve made a course correction.”

As he spoke, the shuttle became smooth once again. Michelle swing herself in her chair so that she had her back to the NE as she glanced over the sensor readouts. They would be within comms range of the Viking in a few minutes.

These past few months had been especially interesting for her, and now that she was on her way to her new posting, Michelle knew she should be feeling some sense of relief. But she wasn’t. She knew exactly why she had been chosen for this assignment. She was determined however, to not let anyone see her fail. She had made tough decisions in the past, ones that she would make again if necessary. The outcome could have been a lot different, she had to remind herself.

Looking down at the sensors, Michelle noticed they were within comms range. “We’re in range for comms, open a channel.” She barked to the NE. He simply nodded, tapping at the controls, and then looked at Michelle and nodded again.

=/\= USS Viking this is the shuttle Schneider requesting permission to rendezvous =/\= Michelle said. =/\= I am Commander Michelle Allen your new Executive Officer. Please advise on your preferred method of arrival. =/\=

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

OOC: I am copying my hail on to the Bridge post, so here we go!

After about a minute or so, there had been no response to the hail.

“Scan the ship,” Michelle ordered the NE. “Are the Comms down?” She scanned for life signs, and found the crew present and accounted for.

“I’m not detecting anything unusual,” the NE said, shaking his head.

Michelle scowled. Looking back at the read outs, she pointed towards the monitor. “The shields appear to be down. Prepare to beam me directly to the Bridge.” She stood, moving towards the rear compartment.

“Should I go with you?” The NE asked sheepishly.

“No,” Michelle said flatly. “I’m sure it is nothing dangerous.” While she couldn’t guarantee that, she was more than capable of taking care of herself. She was ordered to join the crew, and in the event they were in trouble, she was obligated to assist.

Taking one last look over at the NE, Michelle said. “Energize.”

A moment later she dematerialized in the transporter beam.

-Michelle Allen, XO

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