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The engines of the Viking thrummed as she warped through quiet space. Lights flickered in familiar patterns and the viewscreen’s static settled to a gentle lull. Hours into their journey, the computer started beeping. An alarm was going off.


Nakuto had made her way to the bridge when her quarters became too noisy and the Heorot too eerily quiet. Craving the sound of real, flesh and blood entities as opposed to…whatever was currently scratching at her walls, she’d been pacing leisurely around the outer circle, her muscular Klingon stature making the gathered officers nervous.

But at the sound of the alarm, she approached NE Deckard at security and peered over his shoulder at the details of the alarm…

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Deckard’s monitor showed no alarm, but the audio continued. Through the static on the viewscreen, and by the view from the windows, the ship appeared to drop out of warp. Yet all monitors showed that they continued to travel at warp 4.3.


The half-Klingon allowed her gaze to move rapidly from the ensign’s monitor to the viewscreen and then back again, before emitting a roar of confusion. “What fresh hell is this?”

Moving now to the engineering station, Nakuto first addressed the Captain (OOC: I’m presuming the captain is on the bridge? If not then whoever has the conn):
“Ma’am, we appear to be experiencing some kind of diagnostics malfunction? Digital and visual information is…contradictory.”

Then over the shoulder of the engineer, she attempted to glean further details from their terminal while simultaneously activating her commbadge and calling down to the engineering department itself.
=^=Engineering, this is Nakuto. Are you aware of any key system failures at this time? Particularly involving our diagnostics?=^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

=^= Stone here. I’m not aware of any failure. I’m in the hangar but i can go and check. Can you elaborate what seems to be the problem?=^=

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Her frustration with the situation spilling over, Kara slammed a fist against the console as she roared in reply, =^= Our systems are lying to me! My ears hear the alarm yet they deny its activation. My eyes see standard space yet they insist we are at warp! I am no fool, Mr Stone, and yet our computers seem determined to take me for one!=^=

By now, the former captain had grown exhaustingly familiar with the malevolence of the central computer. And yet, never before now had she witnessed it interfere with critical systems. Only critical psyches.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Kristi was in engineering as the alarms went off and frowned looking around. Everything seemed to be in visual working order. Going to the console, she shook her head and laughed. “Not going warp anymore? I wonder if the warp core is aware of that?” She heard the comm and was about to answer when Mike did. After his reply, she came over Nakuto’s comm. =^=Engineering here, Ma’am. This is Ensign O’Larria. I am showing us having dropped, but the warp core still reads 4.3. I’m working on it now.=^= The line went dead as the Ensign apparently went on to do what she said.

Ensign Kristi O’Larria
(Making engineering thread)

After a few moments stalled out of warp, the ship itself seemed to bend and twist. “Warning: warp core breach imminent. 30 seconds to detonation.

Warning: warp core breach imminent. Detonation in progress.

Warning: warp core has breached. 20 seconds past detonation.

Then everything went black.


So. This was it. The grand and glorious finale to the tragedy that was the USS Viking. Somehow the half-Klingon had been expecting more blood, more pain and a great deal more screaming. But to cross over in the blink of an eye, well, who truly could ask for anything more.

Kara Nakuto’s final wish was for one to remain to roar her into Sto’vo’kor.

…but as the seconds crawled by with no mother to greet her, Kara Nakuto had to accept that she had not passed into those magnificent halls. Nor, it seemed, as her left leg began to throb with pain, was she actually dead. Though in that moment she might have wished with all of her might that she were.

“Hello?” she called out into the void, terrified that someone might answer…

  • Kara Nakuto

Footsteps echoed from near the viewscreen.


Someone else was here. She could hear them, walking a path about ten feet to her left. Nakuto spun round, so vulnerable and helpless in the dark. Like being back beyond the portal…

“Who is there?!” she roared into the ether. “Identify yourself!!!”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

A Romulan approached Kara at some speed. “We have another escapee!” He hollered.


Her own movements were instinctive, the sight of the Romulan exhuming a long-buried memory from her childhood. No. She refused to play captive any longer! She refused to stand by and watch as her people snivelled like cowards before the enemy! Klingon blood coursed through her veins still and if the rest had forgotten what it truly meant to walk in the path of Kahless, then she, Kara Nakuto, had not.

Reaching down, she drew the d’k tahg from her boot and held it before her. “Advance, you coward!” she roared at the charging foe. “Advance and let your blood pollute the dirt under my feet!”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

The Romulan gave little resistance and Kara’s weapon struck true. The Romulan turned into a cloud of smoke as he vanished, leaving no trace he was there. But Kara did seem to be on familiar turf, with familiar search lights all over.


It had been an illusion. Well, that was nothing new for the Viking. Quickly, she returned to the console to confirm whether the imminent warp breach had also been an illusion…

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

=/\= USS Viking this is the shuttle Schneider requesting permission to rendezvous. I am Commander Michelle Allen your new Executive Officer. Please advise on your preferred method of arrival. =/\=

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

Kara found no evidence of the warp core breach.


In the middle of the Bridge, the transporter beam appeared, and a moment later a dark skinned woman appeared. Her hand instinctively went to the phaser on her hip as she looked around, assessing the situation.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

The bridge was dark and mostly vacant, save for a few people, seeming to hallucinate. The little betazoid blood in Michelle made the rampant fear on the ship immediately evident. She sensed something else, something… off in engineering. Beyond the vaguest notion, she couldn’t say what.


“Hello?” Michelle called out, walking over to the main Ops station. She tried to access the main computer to determine the status of the ship’s systems. She could not tell what was happening to the crew members that were there on the Bridge, but she was getting a weird vibe of something coming from somewhere on the ship, but since she wasn’t familiar with the actual ship and the crew, it was little more than a strange feeling to her underdeveloped empathic senses. She hoped the computer could provide her some better information.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

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