Debriefing the security team senior officers. Tag Darz and Luna

Posted Sept. 13, 2020, 10:06 a.m. by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security officer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Kalika came in then. She hadn’t fully been cleared for duty till she saw the Doc tomorrow for her final eval. But she had been given permission to see the Security Chief and let him know of her return. It was odd to come in now, not as the Chief, but as another officer. Seeing the group already there, she realized more than just time had passed here. Crew members had changed as well. Silent and reserved, the ex Security Chief came in and leaned on the wall to be part of the meeting though not fully there. “Lieutenant Darz, Kalika, reporting. Sir. I’m cleared for the meeting but not duty yet.” She looked to him letting him silently know she would discuss it later. She hoped he would get the hint. “If that’s all right… Chief.” She had to actually pause a moment to remember his title.

This was going to take more getting used to than she anticipated.


“ hello Lt” Luna said. She smiled as she turned to face Kalika.
(If he’s familiar with her file, she ‘disappeared’ on the ship 6 months ago and arrived back just as suddenly under ‘mysterious circumstances’ two weeks ago… so he’s welcome to react however he wants to the last CHIEF showing back up after all this time…lol)

“ I hope this isn’t to awkward for you lieutenant as I will need to rely on both of you in the coming months.” Cocking his antenna toward the chair with a shrug “As I hope you will rely on me.”

Returning to his chair “I would offer you ladies something to drink, but the replicator seems to have a mind of it’s own.” The lack of such a simple tool of etiquette seemed to disturb the Chan more than being assigned to a ‘haunted’ ship.

“So besides the ‘Shadows’ who abduct our crew mates at random, what do you two think I need to know about this posting?” Hravish did not seem dismissive but genuinely curious about the circumstances surrounding the ship and his assignment to her.


“ have you heard of section 31” Luna asked. She know this was not smart but he needed to know.
Ensign Luna

Looking from one officer to the other, then back at Luna. “I have heard rumors, some seem well substantiated.” Hravish had been tasked to assist Star Fleet Intelligence in the past, and from that episode that he had acquired his reputation as a hot head. “I would think I would be a rather poor candidate for recruitment buy such a shadowy organization.” His smile did not reach his eyes. They were instead steady and calculating. is that the mysterious who that requested me to this post more telling than his eyes was the fact that his antenna were folded back, the expressive appendages being rather cat like in telegraphing the Andorrans emotions.

Setting back and strapping his fingers fingers “What pray tell, would such a black ops organization have to do with this ship?”


“ they have attacked us twice” she said glaring back at Harvish. She stood suddenly her wings opening slightly the feathers seaming to stand. “ the are no joke sir and wi reas return to the ship I think there may be a chance that they will attack us again” she said. There it was she was she is not totally trust him.
Ensign Luna

And why should she, either of them really “Then we need to prepare for that eventuality as well as figuring out who the shadows are and how to repel them, if they are not one and the same.” With concuss effort he pulled his antenna up and forward to face the Ensin. “I don’t expect either of you to trust me one hundred percent at this point, that is something I have to earn but I chose to trust you unless you prove that trust is misplaced.


Kalika frowned. A lot had happened in her absence. “I can’t speak to the attacks. I was gone for six months or so. Still trying to figure out just how long. But I can tell you, the lower decks are still a bit off. I’m actually going to speak to engineering today because I hear there are a couple folks, along with the Chief down there, who have managed to open up a few extra spaces since I left.” She sighed. “No, I didn’t leave. I was… maybe taken isn’t the word, either. I stepped onto a corridor deck and stepped out onto a mirror ship. When I returned, it was just as oddly and unexpected. So don’t always assume everyone is here every day. Be prepared to shuffle schedules and posts on the fly when folks don’t show up and an inquiry claims they aren’t on the ship.” It would almost be funny if it wasn’t true.


The Andorrans antenna again folded back, as he contemplated that new revelation. pursing his lips and again pulling his antenna forward to focus on his officers “That is far from ideal, but until we figure out why and how to address it, it is the situation we have to deal with.”

This was Star Fleet, and their were reports of strange phenomena and stranger races threw out its history but the revelations revealed to him sounded like space cadet toast stories. The reputation of the ship combined with the obvious destress they showed in talking about it forced him to take what they were saying at face value.

Hravish looked from one to the other “ Ladies, please continue”.


Kalika smiled. “That’s about it, honestly. Those who are here, at least when I left, and I can attest to Luna’s performance, personally, work very hard indeed. They are all dedicated to this ship in a way unlike many ships. Perhaps because of the anomalies. While you will find some who have emotionally closed themselves due to fear of waking one day and a person they care for no longer existing, for the most part this is an amazing ship with an amazing crew.”

She nodded to him as she smiled slightly wider. “And I can tell you, on my part, anyway, that I will continue to serve as I have. I know I am not the Chief of Security anymore, but I assure you, I will not let that affect my duties at all. I’m sure you worry about my working for someone else now. But please, don’t. I am as capable of serving the Viking in supervisory or subordinate position equally. And if you wish, sometime, I’m happy to help you out anyway you desire. Either from eval updates to what I did before my absence here as well as what I did while gone.” It still made her mind shudder, remembering that half year, but it was part of her and she’d get on with her life regardless. She just hoped she wasn’t one of those who would shut herself off from people. It seemed such a lonely and terrible way to spend time in the darkness of space.


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