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“I didn’t hear you come in,” Junior replied in the Low Rihan dialect of the Romulan language. After being marooned on a Romulan world by James McHarrie, Junior had spent a number of years being sheltered by local Romulan civilians who hid his presence from the Romulan military in return for his skills as a doctor.

He was still trying to work out if the faceless voice was friend or foe. Despite having friends on the Empire’s side of the border, he was still wanted by the Tal Shiar, and they were not fussy about how many pieces they got their fugitives…


“A peasant’s tongue. But I should expect as much from you.” A Romulan man stepped into the limited emergency light. “What would you do if that force field fell?”


“That would very much depend on your intentions,” Junior said, “In your culture, I am lower than a slave. To show you respect, I speak the low dialect I learnt, when I could have used the translator. Yet despite my status, you specifically used the terran word friend when you greeted me. Why?”

With his Starfleet training and experience with Romulans, Junior knew the man would not take offence at his open and direct question
- Romulans were known for their instinctive paranoia and mistrust of outsiders, so we’re likely to appreciate his caution.


“My distaste for you is outweighed by a sense of common cause. You would be interested in your freedom, I have an interest aboard this ship. All you have to do is make a course correction and we will let you leave.” By all appearances, he seemed sincere.


“I have nowhere to go were I free. That is unless you were able to secure me some freedom on the Romulan side of the boarder, ” Junior said trying to get himself a better deal. Junior would have his freedom already if he hadn’t trusted others and at this point he didn’t trust the Romulan, but needed to keep his options open. He considered the possibility that Nevin had betrayed him again. Dangling a carrot knowing the outcome would be being locked up again.

Whether Junior was to buy his freedom or to earn Kara’s trust, Junior needed to know what the Romulan wanted…


The Romulan sighed “Fine. Irritating as it is, a human is necessary. You get nothing if you fail.”


“So where do you want me to take the ship?” Junior asked.


The Romulan handed over a PaDD. “Not far beyond the neutral zone. We have an outpost. Deliver it there and we will arrange repayment.”


Junior looked of the padd, then tucked it into the back of his trousers.

“Right then, get me outta here,” he said as he searched the dark and gloomy cell for his uniform tunic.

Once located he donned the tunic, hiding the Padd from sight.


The Romulan stepped through the still active force field. “Follow.”


“That’s a neat little trick,” Junior replied as he tentatively stepped towards the forcefield as though expecting to be shocked.

“You’ll have to tell me how it’s done at some point,” Junior said and began to follow.


The Romulan lowered the force field and nodded for Junior to follow. “I assume you know the way to the bridge.”


“The bridge? Are you crazy?” Junior asked, “Forget the bridge. We should head for aux-con down on 14. It’s nearer and there’ll be less people. If memory serves me correctly, it’s also a smaller space to hold.”

As he approached the door he leaned cautiously and looked both ways along the corridor to see who else may be around on deck 8.


Kristi had been following the spirit and arrived on the bridge a moment later. Looking around, she tried to find this ‘new person’ that was supposed to be of help to righting the wrongs. Her ghostly form invisible to everyone as she stepped to the side where she could make out everyone without being in the way.


The coast appeared to be clear. Silently Junior gestured with his hand to indicate their desired direction of travel towards a jeffries tube access. He count down with his fingers. Three… Two… One… With that he made a swift and silent dash to the panel. He opened it almost instantly in what was clearly something he had done before. He urged the Romulan into the tube and followed, pulling and clipping the panel back in place so as to conceal their exit route.

It was just a short crawl along the tube between the cabins on either side before the reach the junction with the ladder extending both up above and down below them…


OOC: Junior’s currently on Deck 8 making his exit from the brig to go to Auxiliary Control, but if you want him on the Bridge to interact with I’m sure Sam will have no problems with the Romulan insisting with them going up rather than down the ladder.


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