Deck 8, main sim “time line”

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Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in Deck 8, main sim “time line”
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Perhaps the most frightening words in the Starfleet lexicon were “Core breach” and with only a few seconds warning orchestrating an evacuation was out of the question. Hravish stood up and stepped to the cabinet that his family pictures were seated on and pored a couple of fingers of the blue liquid from a decanter there into a glass. With a raise of the glass to his family he tossed back the liquor.

Tilting his head and looking to the overhead from which the computers voice emanated he raised an eyebrow at the fact that the count was now plus detonation. The accompanying power failure left his face eerily lit buy the blue glow from the decanter. “Well that’s new.” He spoke to the darkness.

=^= Hravish to all security personnel, assume your station, off shift personnel begin blackout sweeps as soon as your kitted out. This obviously isn’t a drill.=^= regretting the drink Hravish returned to his desk, retrieving type two phaser from his desk drawer along with a torch and Tricorder. Not bothering to turn on the light the Chan turns towards the door to key it open wile counting the seconds for his orders to be confirmed.


He could hear howling wind outside the door.


Hull breach Hravish thought as reached for the locker containing his life-support belt as his mind registered the cold and smell of ice… “ Ice Wraiths it is them.” He again addressed the darkness with a wry chuckle. Regretting that he didn’t habitually wear a blade as a Starfleet Officer the tall Chan stepped into the corridor.


Wading forward into the biting wind and darkness the Can felt his blood running with excitement. As his senses expanded in the darkness As did his faculties with the Andorian analog to epinephrin flooding his system it became starkly clear from the muted glow of the EPS system that the power failure was probably ship wide. Tho the glow of two crew men stood out brightly on the deck, that of the prisoner and the intel Chief he was sure, tho it was disconcerting for what he didn’t see which was the officer assigned to man the brig monitoring station.

Along with the two humans, Hravish was surprised to see two other sources of energy, both roughly the same, and reminiscent of a hologram but emoting from a core of energy roughly the size of a human heart in close proximity.

Moving in the direction of the brig Hravish trusted the intel officer would be able tend for his self, wile the prisoner was his immediate responsibility.


Moving further along would remove Hravish more and more from the facade of the Viking, leaving him in an arctic wasteland. The visible sun was setting and the cold was becoming biting.


Is this what happened to the missing crew, or is this some illusion? the Chan thought as he felt his body adapt to the cold. He would certainly service much longer than would his crew mates but even an Andorian was not immune to the cold.

With the stress enhanced mental faculties Hravish sought to ignore his senses and blindly trace his steps to the brig. Having two choices, either it was reality or illusion he chose to believe it was illusion. Despite this choice his body chose to except the reality. His skin grew hot as his body fender off the cold and the stress sharpening his mind and senses even further, wile his fingers ached for the blade that was in his quarters.


Hravish’s path became blocked by woods. The rapidly setting sun was bringing nightfall closer and the temperature was falling.


The Andorian’s mind waffled between rather this was an illusion or some how he had been moved to the alternate reality he had learned of. As he was not on an alternative Viking he still clung to the hope that it was an illusion but he had to soon except the prospect that is simply couldn’t walk blindly threw it and as his body obviously believed in the cold and wind it might behove him to take the advantage of shelter and fuel the woods offered him.

Looking around to asses what resources the woods offered him, shelter and fire being his priorities, the the prospect of starting a fire on the Viking was wholly unattractive. Finding a fir like conifer analog he settled in under the branches and neither the trunk, striping the dry dead branches from the trunk. Once he had a small space and a small collection of fuel he sought farther afield to gather enough for what might be a long night.


Darkness came, and compressed the space around Hravish. A bitter wind blew through and extinguished the flame of his campfire, leaving only embers and night. Animals moved through the dark, snapping branches and crunching snow. Hravish was completely alone with the predators of the woods.


A bitter smile spread across the Chan’s face, his Andorian physiology was already adapting to the cold but with out the fire it would be painful. Starfleet uniforms were amazing pieces of technology but not designed for the extremes his race was. “Come my brothers” came the grim whisper of one predator to another. half frozen and eaten alive, a fitting end Hravish Ch’Thraha Hravish thought as he switched his phaser to wide beam stun and waited.


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