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In the middle of the Bridge, the transporter beam appeared, and a moment later a dark skinned woman appeared. Her hand instinctively went to the phaser on her hip as she looked around, assessing the situation.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

The bridge was dark and mostly vacant, save for a few people, seeming to hallucinate. The little betazoid blood in Michelle made the rampant fear on the ship immediately evident. She sensed something else, something… off in engineering. Beyond the vaguest notion, she couldn’t say what.


“Hello?” Michelle called out, walking over to the main Ops station. She tried to access the main computer to determine the status of the ship’s systems. She could not tell what was happening to the crew members that were there on the Bridge, but she was getting a weird vibe of something coming from somewhere on the ship, but since she wasn’t familiar with the actual ship and the crew, it was little more than a strange feeling to her underdeveloped empathic senses. She hoped the computer could provide her some better information.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

Emergency systems were up and running. The warp core was providing only minimal power, but life support continued without problem. Comms were online. Weapons and shields were down.


None of the NE’s on the Bridge seemed to notice her, nor did they respond to her presence or her greeting to them. Something was definitely going on here, but she needed more information.

“Computer what is the status of the crew?” She called out, wondering if the voice interface was still active with minimum power settings.

Michelle activated a comm to Engineering, as it seemed a good a place as any to start her investigation. =/\= Bridge to Engineering. What’s going on down there? =/\=

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

After just a few moments a reply came through.

=/\= CE Stone to Bridge. We’re still investigating why an alarm for breach was set of that put the warp core to low-power mode. Things should be back to normal pretty soon. Bridge.. who is making the inquiry?” =/\=

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

The computer reported all crew present and accounted for.


=/\= This is Commander Michelle Allen, your new First Officer. What is going on with the crew? None of the Bridge personnel are responding to my presence or answering any of my questions. =/\=

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

=/\= Stone to Commander Michelle Allen.....… I have no clue what happened. Even myself, I think I was under some kind of influence and couldn’t think straight. Unclear what could have been the cause. I wouldn’t be surprised, if it was sabotage. My team is still unaccounted for, I got no response yet. But the main power should be back online in a few moments. What’s the situation up on Bridge…and where’s Captain Ravenfall? =/\=

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi had been following the spirit and arrived on the bridge a moment later. Looking around, she tried to find this ‘new person’ that was supposed to be of help to righting the wrongs. Her ghostly form invisible to everyone as she stepped to the side where she could make out everyone without being in the way.

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=/\= I have no idea =/\= Michelle replied. =/\= It looks like most of the Bridge stations are running on emergency power. Shields and weapons are offline. =/\= She looked around the bridge. “Captain Ravenfall?” She called out loudly.

When she didn’t get a response, she said aloud, “Computer locate Captain Ravenfall.”

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

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