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Each of these people is in their own world. Tormented by what was. You must help them reunite to free themselves.


“So I have to play the healer? But do I do that?” She moved towards Mike and the man addressing him as Captain. “How do I make him understand it’s not real, and to stop punishing himself for… whatever it is he’s punishing himself over?” It seemed a bit crazy. Here she was, a ghost, having to help her crewmates face their ghosts in order to all come back to the ship where they were supposed to be.


Mike leaned over the console. He was glad he found it working. But as each second went by, his smile grew fainter and fainter. There were symbols he couldn’t identify at all. No instructions, nothing, to tell him where to even start. Perhaps someone set the LCARS to Klingon or Vulcan language?
Mike just watched the console, puzzled at what to do or where to start.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE?

These are not mere illusions. Your people require unity, so they can combat their pasts. It spreads from here to anywhere he can take it, but first you must show him that you live.

Ros leaned over to Mike. “What’s wrong Captain?”


The question echoed in his head. What WAS wrong? Nothing made sense. He gripped the sides of the console tightly as he concentrated on the swirly letters and simbols.
It made no sense, that he didn’t know any of these. True he wasn’t an engineer, but he studied hard. He worked as ensign for a year on the ship before he took the CE position.
There was anger in his eyes, and his knuckles started to turn white. “Kristi....” He said and finally released the console. “

He looked into her direction, where she still lay on the floor. Only her shoes were visible from here, just barely illuminated by his light and warp core. He needed power to call for help, teleport her, anything. And there were others as well. All without power, without sensors, without shields for protection…

He turned again towards warp core and the console in front of him.

“I am Lieutenant Mike Stone… Chief engineer on USS Viking!” He said with his powerful voice. “I got this!” He added and closed his eyes.

He felt the edges of the console, and imagined what it was supposed to look like. “Accessing main menu, initalizing main system reboot and level one diagnostics.”
He pressed where he remembered that the buttons should be.

The console began to chirp in response.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Show him that I live? She asked the ghost. Turning to Mike, she sighed and walked over to the console he was at. He had confessed he was no engineer when he had told her of his past. She glanced at what he was doing and reached a hand down to the console over his. If she could get the diagnostic to shift to the one that showed him the status of life support, first, perhaps he would realize ‘someone’ or something was helping him. If that worked, maybe she could get a message to him.

Without turning to look, she asked. If I’m not in his time, how do I get him back to mine? Do all those on this ship now reside in the same ‘other’ time? Or are they all I separate times?


The spectre turned its head and looked up towards the bridge. Someone new arrives. he turned back to Kristi. All you need to know is that you can be as real as the people they are seeing. This engineer, the Borg drone… you can supplant them by coming from the same place.


She didn’t understand. Not one bit. But the one thing that had stuck in her mind was you can be as real as the people they are seeing. “Someone new?” She frowned as the ghost glanced up thru the ship as if able to see past this room. Kristi followed his gaze and wondered who the ‘arrival’ was. “Can they help me? Or help them?” She pointed to Mike. She was going to have to be the benevolent ghost from the Christmas story she had learned about last year. Odd that having just heard it for the first time, now she was thrust into the same scenario. But how do you help people with their own personal ghosts?

She hoped whoever this new arrival was, they could help her out.


Mike still battled with the console. For a brief moment he opened his eyes, as it felt as if something touched his hand. Lt. Ros was keeping his distance, and Mike didn’t notice anything else out of the ordinary…

Since diagnostics should be running, he decided to watch the console and see, if he can interpret anything.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Help them see that they are illusions of the past. Fuelled by fear and anger. This new one, she is on the bridge. Her mind is clear. She can help you.

Mike would see that the warp core had been forced into a low-power mode to avoid breach. With the breach averted, it was possible to bring the warp core back to normal output.


While the idea of leaving Mike was killing her, she realized now that the ship was her priority. “Ok,” she said and moved towards the door. “I’ll go to the bridge.” She glanced around and frowned. “How do I get the door to open?” The idea of being a ghost was still new to her and walking thru the bulkhead didn’t occur to her.

Ghost Eng (and a bad one at that lol)

Mike first checked to see, what might have caused the breach. Even with the failsafes in place, it was usually smart to deal with the cause first or the same thing could happen over and over again.
Slowly he’d begin to bring the core from low-power to normal operating mode.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

=/\= Bridge to Engineering. What’s going on down there? =/\= Came an unfamiliar female voice over the comms

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

It was eerie quiet in engineering, while Mike worked. Usually it was quite busy with activity from engineers and humm of the warp core. Right now there were just a few people present and the core’s humm was visibly slower then normal. The call startled him.

“Of course COMMS work, just so people can bug me why there is no power.” He commented.

=/\= CE Stone to Bridge. We’re still investigating why an alarm for breach was set of that put the warp core to low-power mode. Things should be back to normal pretty soon. Bridge.. who is making the inquiry?” =/\=

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

The phantom figure glided through the door, as if to illustrate to Kristi that she could too.

Slow operations was a wise choice as Mike and Ros worked to restart the warp core. “Captain.” Ros said. “I know what shut down the engines.” The control panel displayed one word. Ravenfall. “She took your place. Your crew. And now she’s destroying your ship.”


Since power down, it felt like a fog was clouding Mike’s mind. For a while he felt helpless, the one person he relied the most on this whole ship was unconscious as well, and couldn’t help him. The engineering controls looked totally out of place, like he never saw them before. But the fog was slowly lifting.

Mike was hunched over the console, and very clearly heard what Ros said. For two or three seconds he froze completely, then finally peeled his fingers from the console and straightened out, while looking straight at his former boss. He grinned. “Ros, Ros, Ros. You don’t seem to know me at all. Security was after all my speciality. Planting an evidence such as this is nearly trivial.”
He flicked his fingers over the console and the name Ravenfall disappeared, erased from logs. He wasn’t buying Ros’s explanation even one bit.

” Now me and captain might not be best buddies and pals, but I have nothing against her nor she against me as far as I know. It might be true, that deep down one day I wouldn’t mind being the captain of a ship. Even an old bucket like USS Viking. The ship might be old and pestered with malfunctions, but it has a darn good crew, that is doing what it can to keep this bucket floating. For now however, Ravenfall is the CO by her right, and she didn’t take anyone’s crew.. the crew follows her on it’s own. A command change can still wait, I have other things to take care of.” He took a step towards Ros with menacing look on his face. “Now I suggest you get out of my way before I decide to test, if airlocks still work.”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

OOC: At this point i’d like to just point out what it means for Mike to call Ros by his last name only and not rank. Lt.Ros was his former CE and mentor in a way. Mike had huge respect for the man, and never before called him just by his name. Blaming CO for sabotage, with such weak reasons… was a huge mistake on his part, and Mike lost all respect he had for the man.

OOC: Trust me, I’m aware. I knew that you would either respond as you did or rise to the bait and either one was useful. This whole thing is about people confronting what they fear, choosing to stand instead of flee or accept the illusion dispels the illusory Ros.

IC: The next time he looked, Ros was gone, having left no trace. Engineering was still far from functional, but it was much more as it should have been. Save for Kristi’s unconscious body on the floor.


Mike spun around on his heels, feeling confused. In a way he was glad, Kristi was still there, on the floor. But Lt. Ros? No sign of him anywhere.

“A hallucination? Better check environmental controls as well. I knew something was off here.” Truth was, Mike had no idea what was happening. It could be something in the air, or perhaps radiation?
He recalled talking to the bridge at last. So the comms should be working.

=/\= “CE Stone to Sickbay. We have wounded down here. Please send assistance as soon as possible. ” =/\=

He tapped his badge once more.

=/\= “Stone to all engineers. Where is everyone?! Unless you’re working on something critical, I want everyone in engineering ASAP to report.”=/\=

Lt.Mike Stone, CE

=/\= This is Commander Michelle Allen, your new First Officer. What is going on with the crew? None of the Bridge personnel are responding to my presence or answering any of my questions. =/\= Came the response from the woman’s voice he had heard earlier.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

=/\= Stone to Commander Michelle Allen..... =/\= He tried to think who this was, but couldn’t remember. Also he didn’t hear anything about new XO. Was he still under the unknown influence and confused?
=/\… I have no clue what happened. Even myself, I think I was under some kind of influence and couldn’t think straight. Unclear what could have been the cause. I wouldn’t be surprised, if it was sabotage. =/\= Although he was unsure about the XO, if he can trust her or not, he felt that there’s nothing wrong in telling her this.
=/\= My team is still unaccounted for, I got no response yet. But the main power should be back online in a few moments. What’s the situation up on Bridge…and where’s Captain Ravenfall? =/\=

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

=/\= I have no idea. It looks like most of the Bridge stations are running on emergency power. Shields and weapons are offline. =/\= Came the response from Commander Allen.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

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