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Posted Oct. 4, 2020, 10:56 p.m. by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) (Charles Stevens)

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Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in Lieutenant Thaha Reports for duty Tag Captain Ravenfall

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The tall and slender Chan straitened his uniform and assured his braid was secure before reaching for the door chime. His bearing was almost regal competed to the haughty attitude common among his people, with pale skin with just a tinge of blue accompanied by a darker blush of blue on his cheeks and upper eye lids. His antenna were set back high on his forehead the hairline being high and with a widows peak. His snow white hair being pulled back and plated in the style of the upland elite. His cheeks sported faint blue scars as did the backs of his hands. Despite the clash of his gold tunic the black and grey of his uniform only accents his pale complexion.


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Viktoryia had been in her readyroom going over the latest dissapearances when the needs for nourishment started to creep upon her. She glanced at the time and realized most of the morning had done passed her by. She got up and straightened her tunic and made her way to the door. =/\= Viktor please meet me in sickbay =/\= Nothing else needed to be said. He knew what he needed and would probably already be in sickbay when she arrived.

As the door creaked open Viktoryia stepped out and almost ran into someone standing on the other side.
“Pardon me” she said finally looking up and seeing a face she didn’t recognize. “Im sorry I wasn’t expecting… wait” she studied the Andorian for just a moment. After a moment it dawned on the captain that had to be her new chief of security. “You must be our new security chief! Welcome to the Viking. I was just on my put for something to eat. Would you care to join me?”

Viktoryia Ravenfall, CO

It was surprising how often people ran into him but the tall, officer smiled “It would be my pleasure, Captain.” Hravish stepped aside with a slight bow. His smile accentuated the dueling scares on his cheeks.

The regal Andorian fell into step beside his captan as if he had always been there.



She led them away from the bridge and toward the medical bay. She wasn’t sure how he would react to what he was about to witness but she wanted to get it out in the open before she went on. “I hope you dont mind but my intake is a little unnormal.” He would soon find out there wasn’t much on the Viking that most would consider normal.

Ravenfall, CO

“ Unnormal m’am?” Hravish has seen many things that the people he had left behind would not consider ‘normal’ what could be so far from normal about her eating habits she felt the need to warn him? “I am sure I will accept what ever way you consume your nutrients.” Morbidly his mind turned to possibilities he certainly would not be able to except, but he had to trust that no mater what the reputation this ship had that Star Fleet would not have an officer so monstrous in its ranks.

The Andorian pushed such thoughts from his mind and continued to accompany his captain as if no such troubling thoughts had entered his mind.



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