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Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in The post, open to any

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Hravish had worked most of the morning scrounging up the tough polymer mating to wrap the support column in the deck 8 gym. Now that it was ready he set down his bag, and brought out the training weapons and began to work them against the post.

Chowing first the Kal’hris, The Chan began to strike the post with the axe, first a diagonal blow from right shoulder to left hip, then left shoulder to right hip. Followed buy a slash at mid chest from right to left then left to right. Then he slashed up from the right hip to shoulder and then the left hip to right shoulder. As he repeated the pattern his blows fell faster and with increasing force. He began to change the pattern of blows working the post as a boxer works a heavy bag.


Mike decided it was time to hit the gym a bit. He felt he spent way too much time in the engineering, arranging plans and lists of things to repair.
His attention was immediately drown by the chopping sound. He met with many training techniques, but chopping… wasn’t really one of them.

“My, my… were you a lumberjack, before joining the federation?” Mike asked the man.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Pausing, Hravish ended with a flourish. “No I am afraid, Andorian Home guard. Would you care to try the kal’hris?” With a handle the length of the Chan’s arm from fingertips to elbow and weighing less than two pounds the axe was not particularly unwieldy. “Mind the back spike, Blunted as it is it will still leave a mark.”


“Sure. It’s been a while since i last held something like this. And if i remember correctly, i got blisters after chopping just one tree down.” Mike said.

He took the offered kal’hris and first made two slow strikes in the air to get the feel of the weapon. Then he stepped closer to the pole and made a few accurate strikes, though not using all that much strength.

He nodded as he handed the weapon back. “Handles very well. You train a lot with melee weapons?” Security used to be Mike’s domain, and he felt he should know a bit more about what skills security officers had on board their ship.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

“When I can, as you know we still practice Dueling to settle petty squabbles on Andor. As a security officer I have little opportunity to use my old skills, but it’s good exercise.” The expert way the Engineer handled the axe did not escape his notice either.” I see you have some skill with melee weapons. A rare skill among humans.”

Taking the kal’ris he placed it back in his bag and exchanged it for a curved short sword. The training blade, like the kal’ris was blunted and heavier than the ‘real’ thing. “Perhaps you would find the hrisal more to your liking?” His smile extenuating his scared cheeks


“Well I think almost every boy on Earth is fascinated with swords at one point. We have so many different kinds, and many different factions that used them, it’s hard not to like at least one of them. From ninjas, knights to pirates.” Mike explained his handling skills. The fact he was a security officer in disguise should remain hidden for now.

He inspected the sword handed to him, and it was not hard to realize it was just a training sword. Dull blade and many scratches covered it’s surface. He then took three swings at the pole and finished with a stab.

“I can see how this can indeed be a good training, it’s quite heavy. Swing it daily for half an hour, and anyone would develop some nice muscles. I’d make my engineers train with weapons as well, it could never hurt, but we’re overburdened as it is with regular work. Don’t have a heart to steal any more of their free time as it is.”
Mike said with a bit of sadness in his voice. He shrugged as he gave the sword back. “The ship’s got quite a few maintenance issues.”

Lt. Mike Stone CE

“I have seen what an engineer can get up to with a spanner, especially defending their boat. Tho if I could borrow them for twenty minutes a week we could make them even more dangerous.” Pausing a moment. “Wouldn’t hurt Security to spend a few hours each week helping with less than critical scut work themselves.” Retrieving the other hrisal Hravish nodded toward the mats with a raised eyebrow.


“Oh we’re very territorial bunch. No one messes with our ship.” Mike laughed. “There was a program in place, where security helped us with easy jobs already. I think it worked alright. Although we’re still understaffed by at least a 100 engineers, and in need of a serious spaceyard overhaul.... we’re managing. I’ll send a memo around and see how many engineers would be willing to participate in occasional practice with security.”

Mike got the hint from Hravish, when he took the second sword for himself. Although Mike wasn’t much for duels, he was still curious what the COS had in him.
He followed him to the mat and asked “So what kind of dueling rules do you have on Andor?”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

“To many, the rules are encyclopedic but only one really maters.” His intension was to get a work out with a sparing partner, not to try and beat the Engineering Chief into the ground. “I propose we avoid a trip to medical, I suspect we both have to much work for that.” or the mountain of paperwork that would come with it


“Agreed. Just a little training exercise.” Mike nodded. “Well as we say on Earth… En Garde”

Mike decided to stay on the defence for now. He would let Hravish take three swings at him that he would parry, then he would attack back using the same three kinds of attack. First two or three minutes should work as a warm up, so the swings weren’t strong or very fast. But after the initial warm up, the speed would gradually get a bit faster and swings carried more power behind them.

The clash of metal against metal echoed throughout the gym.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

A knowing smile creeps across the Andorian’s face, if he saw nothing but the restraint and trust his sparing partner showed he would know it was more than a child’s fascination with swords. The footwork and his balance truly gave him away as more than an engineering officer. Let the man keep his secrets, Hravish chose to enjoy sparing with a worthy opponent.


After about 10 minutes, Mike finally noticed, that his hands were beginning to tire. The constant clashes and vibrations would definitely show their face tomorrow, when he probably won’t be even able to lift a cup of coffee without pain. The Andorian didn’t show much in the way of tiredness. Mike wondered just how often he did practice with these swords…and what was in them? They felt at least twice the weight of what he’d expect for such short sword. Realizing he was likely to make a mistake soon, he decided to test, if his opponent would drop his guard. Easiest way he could think of was.. to get him talking.

“You can hadle these weapons with ease I see. Did you duel a lot on Andor, or were you just always there to stop the fights?” He asked.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

“Unfortunately the former. But I also had excellent tutors.” He noted his opponent tiring. “You will feel this in the morning.” The training weapons were in-fact heavier, their purpose being to build stamina. A tiring opponent was a dangerous opponent, his dueling masters voice came to him as he worked.


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