Post Sim - Science Labs, XO making rounds

Posted Oct. 24, 2020, 4:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Markus Woods (Chief Science Officer) (Sam Haynes)

Posted by Commander Michelle Allen (First Officer) in Post Sim - Science Labs, XO making rounds
Things had slowly been getting back to normal, and Michelle was feeling like she was finally starting to settle in to her new home here on the Viking. She decided to take some time to visit with various department heads and inspect their departments. Today on her agenda was the science department.

She approached the main science lab and strode inside. She hadn’t had the chance to meet much of the science staff, so she looked around for someone who might be able to point her in the direction of the CSO.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

As the XO made her way in, there seemed to be no one about. Much of the labs consoles were dark, or in a few places where there should be equipment lay only blank spaces. The labs were eerily quiet. Only the faint rush of the life support systems and the occasional soft sound from the built-in computers came through.

While she moved deeper their came the faint sound of something scraping along a metal surface. Something or someone was definitely here though. A presence seemed to fill the space. It had come from a side doorway which was open, off to the left. The lab stations themselves lay in the middle of the room on top of standing work spaces with storage built in ostensibly for equipment and paraphernalia.

On the edge of calling out a head and shoulders appeared in the doorway to the left, some kind of storage closet. A seemingly human male, Caucasian with dark hair, mustache and goatee with dark eyes. The hair was within acceptable regulations, slicked back and neat. He stood an inch shorter than the XO but had a solid thirty fifve pounds on her and looked to be in shape which only accentuated the strong jawline and cheekbones. The science blues of the uniform marked him as belonging to the lab and the glint of lieutenants pips conveyed he at least had some competency within Starfleet.

If one had checked his service jacket, there was no mistaking Lieutenant Markus Woods, who’d already served six cruises and had proven to not only be a capable science officer, but cool under fire and able to handle himself. This was no timid lab rat, and the look of piercing intelligence in those eyes seemed to match. Like her, he was a head turner, but from all accounts, he was not the type to step on people to rise in the ranks. He put in the work, like her. Straightening up he slipped through the doorway. “Ah, Commander I thought someone was here,” he said with a small smile. “Lieutenant Woods. I was hoping to speak with you sooner rather than later.” His tone was friendly and welcoming. He offered her a hand, though in truth he didn’t expect her to take it. It was an older tradition of greeting not many observed these days, but was still customary among some humans. Deneva was a melting pot of cultures, but in some ways there was still a frontier mindset where a handshake and a person’s word meant something.

Lt Woods, CSO

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