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Lt. Sharvi immediately went to the Captain and Lt. Darz side and pulled out a tricorder to scan the Captain’s vitals. “Do you know what happened, Ka… LT. Darz?” He asked Lt. Darz.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Kalika glanced at the XO when she came in and then to the Doc. She shook her head and touched his arm partly to step aside, and partly because she needed the touch got a moment to bolster her. “I think the ship’s ghosts got her good this time. She’s even arguing it wasn’t the ship this time.”

Letting her hand drop, she glanced once more at the XO. “Lieutenant Kalika Darz, security officer. And you are?” Michelle would sense both the security tone and the slightly protective nature of the young woman before her who politely challenged her, but also took a step forward to place the CO and Doc behind her.

Though, to her credit, her hand didn’t come to rest on her phaser. She’d come in with Sharvi, and he didn’t seem under duress. So that was a point in the XO’s favor so far.


Kristi couldn’t believe no one up here could see her, either. Worried for the Captain, the thing engineer slipped thru the door of the Ready Room behind the others just before it closed. As Kalika challenged the XO, the ghost moved silently around them till she could see the Captain.


It was then that there was a chime in the door, and Avarak entered. “My apologies, but I was informed by a passing medical staff member that there is some issue. May I offer any assistance?” He was still adjusting to all the peculiarities of the ship, and didn’t expect to find the Captain of all people like this.

Avarak (Counsellor)

Michelle turned to face the newcomer, raising her phaser once more. “Who the hell are you?” She asked. What did these people think this was? Some kind of party?

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

Avarak frowned. “I am the new counsellor for the ship. I boarded not to long ago, and even tried to set up a meeting.” He tapped the padd he was holding. “As you have not revived my message, and thus don’t know my identity, it appears that there is some truth to the rumours that the computer systems require repair. In any case, I have been trained to handle issues such as this, but will defer to your judgement if you believe the current treatment is sufficient.”

Lt Avarak (Counsellor)

As yet another person walked in, Kalika frowned. Her hand rested on the Doc’s a moment as she lowered her voice for him only, though the CO would hear, being so close. “Tath… The XO has every right to be here if the Captain is compromised, but I don’t think the Counselor is a good idea yet. She isn’t talking, period. And I think trying to put another doctor in front of her isn’t going to help much.” She dropped her hand with a soft blush. “I mean, you are the Doctor and know what’s best. Sorry.” She fell silent and tried to get Victoryia’s attention once more.

“Vic… it’s Kali. Tell me what happened, hun. What’s wrong?” She rubbed the woman’s arm lightly up and down in a soothing manner. She hoped she could get thru to her. It was starting to get more and more unsettling as the time wore on and she didn’t get a response.


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