Side Sim - Kalika's reeval with CNS

Posted Nov. 24, 2020, 5:52 a.m. by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security officer) (Melissa Aragon)

The half Orion had been back about two weeks now. Her initial eval with the Counselor had been brief, mostly to make sure the ‘right’ Kalika had returned and she wasn’t irreparably damaged from the six month absence on the ‘other’ Viking.

The scars on her back were still tight. Physical therapy made it better, but the dermal regenerators had done all they could. With her hair down, the scars weren’t visible. But in uniform, with hair up and short sleeves on her tunic top, one could catch glimpses along her right bicep and up near her ear on her neck on the right side. She had stopped being overly conscious of them. But she was still acutely aware when people looked too long. Sometimes she just had to remind herself they were looking at her and not the scars. She had been gone six months. Some were surprised to see her back, and others had never known her. All anyone knew was she had disappeared without a trace, and reappeared under equally bizarre circumstances.

If stares were all she got, she was happy for that.

Lt Kalika Darz

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