Side Sim: The Dinner Date (tag: Lt. Darz)

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Posted by Lieutenant Tath’ihl Sharvi (Chief Medical officer) in Side Sim: The Dinner Date (tag: Lt. Darz)

Posted by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security officer) in Side Sim: The Dinner Date (tag: Lt. Darz)
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Tath pulled out his sash from a drawer in his quarters. He hasn’t worn it since Lt. Darz first disappeared. Now that she was back and safe, he felt it was time to wear it again. He had invited her to dinner, as they hadn’t had time to talk about what happened, and it seemed as though she was avoiding him. He had two wine cups on the table, he had made some Gagh, and lit some candles.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

This isn’t your Tath, she had to keep reminding herself. Seeing him again, after all she’d been through on the other ship, was painful.

Not wanting to be too alluring, yet not wanting her uniform, she had settled for a sleeveless tunic of sapphire blue that was so dark to appear almost midnight. Her leggings were jet black, to keep the blue from melting into anything darker. Her hair, normally back in the severe Federation regulation bun was down and loose in soft waves on her back. The nearly greyish white hair lending itself to a near silver look on the dark colored material on her back. She had pulled the sides back in silver combs chased with small blue gems and her bare left arm had a matching twisted band of silver with blue gems on her bicep. Flat ankle height boots were on her feet in a hue to match her leggings. The tunic left her scars exposed on the back of her right shoulder, though her hair now hid the cragged lines up the back of her neck.

Realizing, as she looked in the mirror for the umpteenth time, that she wasn’t going to change anything by stalling, she headed for Sharvi’s quarters. It was just a nice chance to catch up. At least, that’s all she kept telling herself. She had thought there was something starting between them when she left, but she’d been gone so long. Surely he had moved on. Probably even had a companion now.

“Just go, you idiot,” she said to herself and headed to his place.

A few moments later, her hand tapped the chime to his quarters as she smoothed the front of her tunic for the millionth time.


Tath sighed before answering the door. He was happy that she came. He pressed the button for the door to open. He was stunned at her beauty, even with the scars on her shoulder. “Hello Kal. I’m glad you decided to come.” he told her as he hugged her. It didn’t feel the same, she seemed distant to him.
Sharvi, CMO

“Hi,” she said and hugged back. It wasn’t as warm as it had been the last time they hugged before she left, though. “Thanks for inviting me.” She slid her boots off at the door and moved into his quarters. “Seems like forever since I was here. Nothing’s changed.” She turned to look at him and her body relaxed slightly. “It’s comforting. If that makes any sense.” She watched him move around the room a moment. “You know, I am glad to be back. It’s just been hard. A lot happens in six months.”

She hadn’t truly talked to him about anything that had happened on the other Viking while she was there. She hadn’t really remembered, at first, when waking in the medical bay to half her back burned and her body aching from the abuse of the hardship of her time away. When she had, she had still hidden it. Even from the Counselor. Unfortunately, she had come to realize, on her own, that the omission wasn’t protecting the friends she had here from what she had endured. It was hurting them because she was hiding a huge part of who she was now.

She sat on the couch and watched him.


“I’m going to ask as your friend, not the Chief Medical Officer, how are you doing?” He questioned to her as he went in the kitchen and grabbed two bowls, and put a ladle full of Gagh in both and set them on the table. Then poured bloodwine in his cup. “What would you like to drink?” He would ask her.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

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