Dinner with Ensin Luna

Posted Nov. 27, 2020, 1:13 a.m. by Ensign Luna (Security Officer) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in Dinner with Ensin Luna

Posted by Lieutenant Hravish Ch’Thaha (Chief Of Security) in Dinner with Ensin Luna

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer) in Dinner with Ensin Luna
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Having brought a bottle of Andorian ale, Hravish knocked on Ensin Luna’s door. He rather looked forward to seeing the child under happier conditions.


Luna opens the door. “ I’m sorry Cerenity is in the middle of an episode” Luna said as she answered the door. Cerenity was In the middle of the living area screaming and pouting at the corner. “ go away get out of my home” the child yelled.

Luna gave Harvish a troubled look. “ Cerenity there’s nothing there Lt Harvish is here can we stop screaming and sit down to eat dinner” Luna said. There living space was bare exsept for drawings made by Cerenity and her toys scattered on the floor. There was a couch on the far side and a small table opposite that. There were three places sent in the center were mashed patatos, mixed vechtbles, and grilled chicken. Cerenity had Finly stoped screaming.

“ they went away now” she said the child care yes a stuffed bare behind her. Luna smiled at the child. Then looked at the LT “it’s been a long day Sir. How have you been” she asked.
Ensign Luna

“I imagine so, Miss Luna.” The Chan smiled understandingly.” I am settling in, as you can imagine.” Looking over to The child. “I am sorry the shadows were tormenting you again Miss Serenity, but I have been looking forward to visiting with you again.” The controller caos of a household with children was comforting to the older Andorian


“ that’s good this ship can be disorienting to most” Luna said with a smile. Cerenity smiled at Hravis” really you came to see me” she asked wide eyed.
Ensign Luna

OOC: I am sorry for the absence I have some unusual family friend drama that took some time to sort out.

OOC: we all have real lives that conspire against our fantasy lives.

“Your mother as well, but yes I would like your company. My own Grand children are back on Andore and you remind me of them.” The transformation from stern Andorian Officer, to fatherly superior to attentive grandparent took but a few seconds.
Looking up from where he had crouched to speak to Cerenity.”She is a unique old girl, I look forward to learning some of her secrets.” Reaching out to touch the floor with just a bit of reverence. Ships all have their own souls, this one was darker than most.


“ darker is an understatement” Luna said with a smile. Cerenity turned her head opening then closing her wings. “ what is andore like” she said with a smile. The child focused on Hravish intently. “ what language do Andorions speak” she asked. Luna smiled knowing what was coming at lest she was not screaming anymore.

Luna smiled” she will drive you up the wall with questions. I should have her in school but she is to small and fragile children play ruff” Luna said. At about that moment Cerenity spoke up again. “ that’s way dad wanted to send me to a special school on earth” Cerenity said. Luna quieted the child with a glare.
Ensign Luna

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