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Viking Crew!

I want to thank Amanda for all of her service as the CO of the Viking for the last few years. It truly wouldn’t be the ship it is today without here. We can’t thank her enough.

However, I am just as pleased to announce that pursuant to Hemenway 2 - 9 (I think that is the numbering she is using) that James has been promoted from XO to CO.

Also related to this change, unless a compelling argument can be made to James and I to the contrary, we will be withdrawing the petition for a charter and reverting the Viking back to a normal RP area. I am sure James will have more details in the future as to how that transition will play out.

I return you now to your regularly scheduled programing.

FComm Meridian

Thank you Geoff! Also a big thanks to all of you for having me and I look forward to working with you all as we move forward and transition from the horror/supernatural theme to a more traditional ship.

Our goal as we move forward will be for me to act as temporary GM to wrap up the current sim which has very much stalled dead in its tracks. In doing so, my proposal is to have the current Viking come to an end with some opportunities to role play that scenario and then for us to begin anew with a new ship and a fresh start.

I would like feedback from all of you on any thoughts you have about the transition. Also for those of you who have characters that were specifically effected by the horrors of the Viking, would you prefer to have your characters remember everything, or would you want those memories wiped somehow? There is also an option if anyone wants to have their characters have an untimely demise and go down with the ship, so to speak, and start fresh with a new character as we transition to the new ship.

This is very much a work in progress, and I am seeking out a new XO and new GM for us. I hope that all of you will stay with me as I would love to make the Viking a great ship for creative writing and character development.

Please feel free to respond here with thoughts and ideas. I’m excited to take on the role of Captain and I hope together we can make the Viking strong and healthy and bring some new life to her!

I am also getting a Viking channel set up for us in Discord for those that would be interested in that so we can have more OOC discussions and help each other with behind the scenes planning and character development.

Let’s make it so!
-James Harrison

What, no more Viking? I’ve gotten so used to the old bucket of bolts,… if we get a new ship, will there even be a need for a CE? I certainly lose my job as a spy on board the ship of ‘mischiefs’.
The old lady just needs a new paint job and a bit R&R in a space dock and of course a full crew. I think if it got patched up, the Horror aspect would be diminished a lot, but could still remain in small form (less frequent failurs, all decks online, working shuttles and transporters, ocasional hiccups could still happen).

If a new ship is the only way, at least we should give it a proper burial. (Everyone evacuates, set her to warp one and simply let her fly away).

So my views: Ship get’s repaired or shut down. Current crew get’s transfer orders (to repaired/new ship or compleately different vessel if they prefer), additional crew arrives.


I’ve been mulling over this for the past few days, I generally don’t like involving myself in decisions regarding Charters, command, or other similar things. On this one, however, I have to object to the decision to withdraw the charter, especially if that means turning the Viking into what is generally considered a regular fleet ship. The Charm of the Viking and what got me to originally join Sharon’s idea of the Viking almost 8 years ago was the idea of a broken down Starfleet ship haunted by a malicious AI. The supernatural elements have created a unique RP place. It allows for the creation of different kinds of characters and stories to exist.

Now storywise if James, as a new Captain, wants to start on a clean slate I don’t have any issues there. The original details of the Viking’s situation very much depended on both Sharon and Amanda. I was however very much for the Charter, albeit privately. So far I have not seen any reason for this withdrawal. The original reason for it was to give the Captain and GM more room to push the horror/supernatural theme that had lived on the ship for a good while.

Now these are my objections and I am willing to flesh them out if asked but I’d also like to know why it was decided to withdrawn although I understand that I don’t need to.

Hjortur I.

I honestly see no reason to not withdraw the Charter, as it doesn’t mean we can still do the occasional horror sim, especially if the ship is sent to go after some of the ‘weirder’ missions. If anything, this allows more wiggle room for the GM to try different things other than horror for a bit in order to make the next weird mission all that impactful. I for one think that a new ship that isn’t haunted will help contrast the known that is Starfleet vs the unknown that comes with more horror based stories. Being in a horror situation all the time kind of lessons the impact, and I can explain more if needed.


I will only ask (as I honestly do not know) how many special charters are out there. I know only of USS VIKING (horror themed) and USS Leviathan (Anomaly hunters).
The few other ships I was on were just typical ST ships. I see nothing bad in having a few different themed ships, but of course not too many. If there is no other horror themed ship, then I’d prefer Viking stays as is.


There is also the Ogawa - a medical ship, and the Constellation- the comedy ship.

My issue with making an official charter for the Viking to be a horror/supernatural ship is that the entire theme just doesn’t seem to be working in my opinion. Since I’ve been on the ship there have only been a small number of characters that actually adhere to the theme and it makes it for a very haphazard ship. I think trying to meld the supernatural and horror themes with a believable Star Trek ship makes it difficult for players to write at times and also discourages GMs from being willing to do sims that fit into that theme.

If we had a ship like the other ALT-RPG ships that everyone was on board and truly went with the theme then I don’t think this discussion would even be happening. When I was given the Captain spot I was given the choice to complete the charter or revert back to a more traditional ship. I personally have chosen the latter based on the fact that the theme in my opinion is just not working and conversations I’ve had with various members, either a part of the crew or not, who also feel the same. I’m very much inclined to continue to encourage a more “darker” theme and let people explore the conflict and character development that might come with that.

I will completely understand if anyone decides to leave the Viking due to the change back to a more traditional ship. There will be no hard feelings and the Viking would always be welcome to anyone that wishes to return.

I will be doing my best to wrap up the main sim that got stalled and also setting up the final chapter for the current version of the Viking while I am on the hunt for a new GM for us. I truly appreciate all of you and I look forward to what lies ahead!


I can see the change to a more traditional ship being an interesting trasition.

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