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Posted Nov. 30, 2020, 10:25 p.m. by Commander Michelle Allen (Acting Captain) (James Harrison)

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Mike spun around on his heels, feeling confused. In a way he was glad, Kristi was still there, on the floor. But Lt. Ros? No sign of him anywhere.

“A hallucination? Better check environmental controls as well. I knew something was off here.” Truth was, Mike had no idea what was happening. It could be something in the air, or perhaps radiation?
He recalled talking to the bridge at last. So the comms should be working.

=/\= “CE Stone to Sickbay. We have wounded down here. Please send assistance as soon as possible. ” =/\=

He tapped his badge once more.

=/\= “Stone to all engineers. Where is everyone?! Unless you’re working on something critical, I want everyone in engineering ASAP to report.”=/\=

Lt.Mike Stone, CE

=/\= This is Commander Michelle Allen, your new First Officer. What is going on with the crew? None of the Bridge personnel are responding to my presence or answering any of my questions. =/\= Came the response from the woman’s voice he had heard earlier.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

=/\= Stone to Commander Michelle Allen..... =/\= He tried to think who this was, but couldn’t remember. Also he didn’t hear anything about new XO. Was he still under the unknown influence and confused?
=/\… I have no clue what happened. Even myself, I think I was under some kind of influence and couldn’t think straight. Unclear what could have been the cause. I wouldn’t be surprised, if it was sabotage. =/\= Although he was unsure about the XO, if he can trust her or not, he felt that there’s nothing wrong in telling her this.
=/\= My team is still unaccounted for, I got no response yet. But the main power should be back online in a few moments. What’s the situation up on Bridge…and where’s Captain Ravenfall? =/\=

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

=/\= I have no idea. It looks like most of the Bridge stations are running on emergency power. Shields and weapons are offline. =/\= Came the response from Commander Allen.

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

“How very odd.” He commented to himself. It wasn’t like CO to go missing but then again, most of his engineers were unaccounted for as well. As he was bringing the power back to normal, he decided to run every diagnostic routine he could think of, specially sensors and life support. It was time to get to the bottom of things and figure out just what happened to the ship.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

=/\= Computer says the Captain is in her ready room. Get main power back on line Lieutenant and run a full internal sensor sweep of the ship. I need to know what we are dealing with. I am going to see if I can get to the Captain and assess her condition. Allen out. =/\=

-Commander Michelle Allen, XO

“What do you think I have been trying to do?” Mike said to himself and sighed… It took time to get the warp core back on normal operating speed. And diagnostics on what is happening. As they were running, he checked the logs on what was happening just before the core entered low operating mode.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Can i get a bump on our progress…?

Since diagnostics were still runnin and the power up of the core was progressing nicely, he left the console he was working at and checked Kristi again. He found her still unconscious but breathing slowly. If he didn’t know better, he’d think she was just sleeping peacefully on the job.

“Kristi, Kristi, can you hear me?” Very gently he shook her shoulder, then waited if any medic will come.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

The jolt of the ship actually rocked Kristi and the tug backwards were simultaneous. She wasn’t so much dragged back as suddenly falling backwards. But instead of falling to the deck in Ready Room, she fell back into her body in engineering to the feeling of Mike shaking her. “..m.. ere…,” she tried to find her voice, a hand rising to grasp at his arm. “I’m here. I’m back…” Slowly her eyes opened and a soft smile crossed her lips.

“It’s ok… though head hurts.” She tried to laugh but winced as her other hand went to the back of her head.

(Back in her body thankfully)

As Kristi was regaining consciousness, the ship lurched with a big booming noise, as if they had been fired upon.

Although main power had been returning to normal, the warp core suddenly began losing power. The antimatter containment fields were failing and there was a plasma leak.

-GM type being

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