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Junior woke with a bump in his cell in the brig. It took him a few moments to realise where he was. The dream about him simply walking through the forcefield had been so vivid and felt so real…

He rose from where he had landed on the deck and approached the forcefield.

“Hey! When do I get to see the Captain?” he called.


“ when the captain wants to see you. What exactly did you do this time” Luna said glaring at Junior.
Ensign Luna

“I came aboard,” Junior replied, “Nakuto and Sigmundsson were supposed to take me to the Captain when I arrived inline with the protocols I boarded under. Because she wasn’t answering their com and in an attempt to be diplomatic I complied with their request to temporarily house me here.”

“I have been here held without charge, without medical or psychological assessment and without any sign of this being temporary in contradiction of every Starfleet regulation.”

“I appreciate they want to keep an eye on me, but there are ways they can do so without locking me in the brig a depriving me of my rights as a federation citizen.”


“What would you know if being deprived of rights” Luna scoffed. She continued to glare then her gaze softened. “ why exactly are you onboard?” She asked?
Ensign Luna

The ship suddenly lurched hard. There was a loud booming sound, and the force field to the brig cell flickered momentarily before failing completely.

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