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Tath was diagnosing the captain, he felt Kal’s hand on his shoulder. “What did happen? My scans are showing she is not injured, she is just terrified from whatever happened. I agree, she doesn’t need a lot of people asking her questions. I don’t mean to disrespect him, but, I’m closer to her than he is, so I feel she would be more willing to talk to me.” He was talking to Lt. Darz, but considering everything going on, he wasn’t sure she heard him. He got up and faced the group. “Counselor, it is nice to meet you, although not under these circumstances. She is fine, just needs some space. She’s not talking much right now. One of my ensigns would be happy to help you, I’m staying here with K… Lt. Darz and the XO.”
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Kalika sighed in relief. The XO and Doc were the only ones needed here. And she only thought that because she wasn’t brave enough to chase out the XO. If the CO was truly unfit at the moment, the Commander had every right to know.

She turned back to Vik to try and get her attention. “If it wasn’t the ship, tell me what it was, Viktoryia. Please. Tell me who it was.” She was pleading now and she hated how weak she sounded. She flashed a moment to the other ship. A time when that same pleading voice was begging please. Shuddering with the memory, she focused on the Captain once more.


Kristi moved around those in the room till she was near the XO. Stepping just into her periphery, she wondered if the woman would see her. Her voice was a loud whisper as she tried to get the attention of the entity who had been talking to her. “If the XO is the one I am supposed to be interacting with… how do I do it? Can she see me?” It never crossed her mind the XO may hear her. She just wanted something to happen. She wasn’t enjoying being a ghost.

Engineer (ghost)

All Viktoryia could do was point behind the group that surrounded her, and for a moment she hoped the others could see him. A tall man in a lab coat stood behind them an evil grin upon his face. Memories flashed to the day she thought she ended her nightmare aboard the science vessel.

Ravenfall, CO

Kristi glanced in the direction of the pointing Captain to see if she was able to see whatever had scared the CO so completely.


All of the sudden, the form of Viktoryia Ravenfall disappeared from view. One moment she was visible, and the next… she was just gone.

“What the hell?!?!” Michelle exclaimed. =/\= Computer locate Captain Ravenfall =/\=

=/\= Captain Ravenfall is no longer on board =/\=

=/\= Track her signal! =/\= Michelle ordered.

=/\= Unable to comply. Sensors are offline =/\= the computer replied.

Michelle looked around her at the small group gathered in the ready room. “I am taking command. We need to figure out what is going on here. We need to…”

She was interrupted by the ship lurching suddenly, a loud booming sound echoing all around them. She struggled to stay on her feet.

“Let’s get to the Bridge and see if we can get the sensors operational. We need to know what we are dealing with,” Michelle said, turning towards the door.

As Michelle walked towards the door, Kristi would suddenly feel a strange pull. It was like something had ahold on her and was taking her elsewhere. She would feel an incredible urge to be back inside her own body and wake up once more.
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-Michelle Allen, aCO

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