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Posted Dec. 9, 2020, 10:01 a.m. by Ensign Kristiana O’Larria (Engineer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Commander Michelle Allen (Acting Captain) in MAIN SIM - When One Door Closes - Bridge
Michelle strode onto the Bridge from the ready room.

“I want a status report!” She commanded, making her way over to the Captains chair. She didn’t hesitate in taking the seat, activating the captains personal interface.

Sensors were still offline and main power appeared to be failing. Displays and consoles began to flicker.

Another lurch of the ship accompanied by a loud boom. The NE seated at the helm suddenly disappeared into thin air.

“Somebody take the helm!” Michelle ordered.

-Michelle Allen, Acting CO

Instinct kicked in and Kalika took the helm seat. Without looking back over her shoulder she gave a half laugh. “I hope the doc thinks I’m fit for duty now, as do you, ma’am. Cause I’m not leaving.” She wasn’t supposed to return to duty till the DH and Div gave her final clearance tomorrow. Somehow she doubted that was gonna matter in this moment.

When she finally turned to look at the XO, now the Captain, she gave get a solid head nod. “Don’t worry, ma’am. I’m fine and the least of your worries right now.”

She turned back to the the controls and growled. =^=Computer, how many personnel on board, including guests? =^=

The response should be close to a thousand souls. That number was what had left dick on the original voyage. Those numbers fluctuated almost daily and at last check, several days ago, the number had barely been over 800. As usual, the computer couldn’t say who had arrived or disappeared the previous 12 hours. Now the Ex Security Chief held her breath and tried to steady the ship while awaiting this moment’s figures.

Lt Kalika Darz

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