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Posted Dec. 20, 2020, 11:07 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Matthew 'Junior' Grimshaw (Shady Character/Doctor) (Jim Watkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw (Shady Character/Doctor) in Lower Decks

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw (Shady Character/Doctor) in Brig

He took a turbo lift to the lowest deck that they were serving. From there he headed to an emergency equipment locker. He hung a medkit over one shoulder and a toolkit over the other so that the straps crossed on his chest and back. Junior knew he was not able to release the compression riffles from their locks without triggering a security alert, but he took the spare power cells, one in each pocket. Finally he donned an oxygen mask and a couple of wrist lamps before decending the ladders that lead all the way to the bowels of the ship…


At the bottom of the ladder, Junior found the hatch from the Jeffries tube into the corridor. The security seal had been tampered with. It hung loosely from the hatch which was partially open. The panel on the seal still showed that the hatch was closed.

Junior attempted to squeeze through the hatch without disturbing the seal, but as he was not quite thin enough to squeeze through the opening it slightly. The seal bleeped and the light started to flash. If the seal and comms network were working, the bridge would have been notified.

As Junior made his way along the unlit corridor, he proceeded with caution. It was cold and the beams of light from his wrists caused. It was not long before his feet were not visible in the haze of purple mist that swirled around the lower 3 inches of the deck. He could not escape the feeling that he was being watched…


Junior continued his walk through the haze. The level seemed to be rising and he could no longer feel his feet or the deck beneath them. It was a strange sensation to feel like he was floating.

Suddenly he saw a disturbance in the mist. As though something small was running in it towards him. He watched it as it passed by him.

“Oh no you don’t,” Junior said as he turned to follow the disturbance which appeared to be the height of what he was seeking. That said, if it was what he was looking for it was uncharacteristic if it to be running at all, let alone passing by so close without a care in the world.

Nevertheless he followed as quick as he dare without being able to see the deck. By the time he reached a junction in the corridor, the hase was up to his waist.

He stopped and shone his lamps around. There was no way he could tell which way ‘it’ had gone in.

At the rate at which the haze was rising, he only had about 20 minutes of visibility left. More worrying he could not feel anything of himself that was below the purple haze and according to the tricorder there was simply nothing in it. Literally nothing.

It was time to make his way back to the Jeffries tube. It was time to get a message to McHarrie.

Junior began retracing his steps feeling along the bulk head for an access panel that should be about waist height. It was only as the haze continued rising that Junior began to understand why both McHarrie and Akorem had not ventured down here.

For the first time, he began thinking this was his own real life Kobayashi Maru. He wasn’t leaving this deck.

He activated a wall console and tapped frantically to get a message out. There was no time to take all of the necessary precautions. The bridge would detect the transmission of the encrypted message, bit would only be able to decrypt it with a Section 31 decryption key…


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