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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Doctor) in Starbase 257
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Zarus was in their quarters on Starbase 257 packing the last of their few personal possessions into a crate for transfer to the Viking.

Zarus had been stationed on Starbase 157 since graduating from the Academy and had seen the Viking. She was not a ship that was in good condition. Rumour was that she was jinxed. Everytime she visited Starbase she took on an influx of crew, but very few ever dissembarked. Zarus would have been lying if they said they were looking forward to being posted there.

Zarus closed the crate and looked at themself in the mirror that had been behind the lid. They touched the black roots that were starting to show on their straight medium length blue hair which matched the colour of their eyes. They made a mental note to top up the colour when they settled in to their new quarters. Their mottled spots ran in symmetrical trails all the way down their smooth face and torso before disappearing into their uniform trousers and running out of sight down to their toes.

Zarus sighed heavily as the door chime rang. They put on their short sleeved uniform shirt and waistcoat before answering the door. It was the quartermaster for Zarus’ belongings.

After the quartermaster had left Zarus took one last look around their old empty quarters before leaving for the furthest docking berth where the Viking was due to arrive shortly…

Once at the berth, Zarus was not surprised to see how busy it was with new crew waiting for the jinx of the fleet. Zarus found a spot to lean and watch through the window for the arrival of the rundown vessel they expected to become their next home…


There was quite a crowd gathered, various crew members bustling about, as well as Starbase personnel performing their duties.

Suddenly on a raised platform, an older man in Admirals uniform appeared. He held his hands aloft, palms facing outward. “May I have your attention please!” He called out loudly.

There was a bit of commotion as everyone gave the Admiral their attention.

“There has been a change in plans,” Admiral Smithson said. “The Viking will be not be arriving as planned. You are all asked for you patience as we reevaluate the situation. Your belongings will be returned to your temporary quarters and you will be asked to stay here on the Starbase until further notice.” He scanned the crowd with his eyes. “Dismissed”

The crowd erupted into a murder again. An NE standing nearby Zarus let out a sigh. “What the hell.” The NE said, shaking his head.

-GM Type Being

“Relax, Ensign,” Zarus said to the NE, “She’s probably been diverted. Zarus a number of arrivals on board change from their scheduled times to simply ‘delayed’

“They’re probably all responding to a distress signal or something,” Zarus offered.


A young NE on the other side of Zarus piped in. “I hope that’s all it is. I hear the ship is haunted!” A shiver ran down the brunette’s back as she looked at the others. Glancing at Zarus she held out her hand. “Angela, Angie, actually. Angie Dickenson. I’m going to be a nurse on the ship. I hear it will be an interesting assignment. That’s why I took it.” She smiled. “Why are you going to the Viking? Choice or no choice?”

NE Angie Dickenson
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Zarus smiled before introducing themself. “Zarus DeSai. I heard the rumours too about her too, but I’m sure that’s all that they are. I’ve been stationed here on the Starbase. The only time we see the arrivals board change to so many delayed and ships departing ahead of schedule is a response to a distress or a Fleetwide drill for such an event.”

Zarus was a very calm person. Many who did not know better often assumed that they were a joined Trill, but they wasn’t.


Maeve arrived on starbase 257 an hour earlier, but decided to do a little shopping in the promenade area of the base. There she went into the cybernetics shop and picked up her new mow hawk. This new mow hawk will finaly allow her to be able to connect with her work station, and tricorders where ever she may be on a federation vessel. Taking the mow hawk from the shop keeper she inspected his work. “Very nice work as usuial Brog, did you manage to get the mood LED’s to work?”

Brog gave Maeve a look of ‘Please… who do you think I am.’ “Yes, yes it’s all working. You just need your ships doctor to calibrate it to your body’s emotional frequency.”

“How much do I owe you?”

“1500 Credits.”

“That’s 500 more than agreed upon. What’s changed?” She asked knowing full well that he would have a reasonable answer for her.

“It’s the permits for the use of Borg technology, that and making everything in that unit military grade, proved more difficult than expected.”

Maeve nodded understanding that to get the permits was incredibly difficult for those who were not officially a member of Starfleet. “I’m glad that you were able to secure your permit for the next few years. I may be in need of you again in the next few years.” With that she waved her hand in-front of the credit pad and awarded Brog the 1500 credits. Maeve made her way to the door with her parcel in hand then stopped just before she got to the door and turned to Brog. “Give my love to Milly will you…?”

Brog nodded and Maeve left the little shop. It was time for her to make her way to the meeting spot for all the rest of the new Viking crew.

While approaching the meeting area she noted that there was a few extra faces than she had expected. She new that the Viking a sad turn of events on her last mission and had lost a number of crew members, she wasn’t expecting this many to be arriving at the same time. She also berated her self for not reading the new crew compliment to it’s fullest.

“We must all be awaiting Viking.” She said to no one in particular. She then stuck her hand out to shake the others in greeting. “Maeve Harlow Chief of Security”. Greeting everyone.

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow, COS

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