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Before anyone could respond, the entire left side of the Bridge simply disappeared. Consoles, bulkheads, even the NE who was seated at the Engineering station. There was nothing between them and the emptiness of space. However it didn’t appear that there were emergency forcefields in place. Where there once was a door to the conference room now was a gaping hole, half of the conference table was gone.

Kalika gasped as a section of the bridge disappeared. The fact the energy force field kicked in so fast didn’t register right away and she was white knuckle gripping the console with a fear of being sucked into space.

“I need answers people!” Michelle called out. “I don’t intend on disappearing or ceasing to exist or whatever is happening here.” She looked around at the Bridge Officers. “Unless someone can give me a viable explanation or form a plan to stop whatever is happening…” She paused. “I’m prepared to order the crew to abandon ship.”

Looking over at Peter. “Send a distress call. The shuttle that brought me here from the USS Pennington might still be in comms range.” Then to the CSO. “Find us a safe place to rendezvous if we need to abandon ship.”

She would give the situation a few more moments, but then she was prepared to make the tough call. She knew the history of this ship and its supposed supernatural elements. While she didn’t necessarily believe in such things, there was no denying that whatever was happening was something that she couldn’t explain. But one thing was certain, she did not come here to die.

-Commander Michelle Allen, aCO

Peter nodded and went to work without a word. He sent out the general distress signal and encoded a message =^=This is the USS Viking, we require immediate aid, the ship is losing integrity and sections fast. We may be forced to abandon ship=^= He set the message on a continual loop. When he sent the message out he noticed an outgoing message. An encrypted message originating somewhere from the lower decks.

He looked at the encryption and after a moment let out a low growl under his breath “Grimshaw” He turned back to the first officer, he didn’t know her and wasn’t sure if she could be trusted. He had only recently known she was coming aboard and hadn’t had time to do a deep dive, all he knew is that she was a former Intelligence officer who joined the service after he left the first time. After only a second of deliberation he spoke up “Commander Allen, someone just sent an encrypted message from the lower decks, I can’t read it. Permission to go find whoever sent it. On the way back I can prepare our Armadillo class shuttle for takeoff, if we do abandon ship it will be in our best interests to have a warp-capable shuttle at the ready.”


Peter’s words brought Kalika back to herself and, though still shaking, she managed to get her hands to work. Sparing a moment to glance over her shoulder to be sure the Doc was still there, she managed to relax enough to concentrate. “Captain, I’m also searching for nearest inhabitable planet or station in case we need to get off this dissolving machine.” The fear in the edge of her voice wasn’t something the security officer could hide. But at this point, she doubted anyone cared.

She glanced at Peter and tried to laugh. “Hell of a welcome home. This your idea? Trying to see if I’m still unshakable?” The laugh was more nervousness than mirth as she tried to make light of the situation.


Kristi and Mike were in the lift, praying it still went all the way to the bridge. A few minutes later the door swished open and the young engineer took a beat before stepping onto the deck, grateful it was in tact and people were here.

“Thank the stars!” She gasped in relief, seeing the Captain and a few others. “We were starting to think we were all that was left. Captain, the warp core is stable, but sections of engineering are … gone.”

Just then, looking around, she noticed the gaping hole on the bridge. Taking a step back as fear flooded her face, she shook her head. “What’s going on?” Her hand reached up to rub the bump on thr back of her head. Was she still unconscious? Was this a nightmare?

((Left room for response))

“Dammit!” Michelle exclaimed, quietly, but loud enough for those around her to hear.

She stood from where she was sitting in the Captain’s chair. “All right people. I’m giving the order. We are abandoning ship. If the ship can be salvaged we can come back, but we cannot keep losing people.”

She looked over at Peter. “I’ll give you five minutes to search for whoever sent that message from the lower decks. Everyone else, get to shuttles and escape pods.”

Peter didn’t waste any time, he made the short journey from the ops chair to the nearest lift in a surprisingly short time.

She activated the comms for a ship wide broadcast. =/\= This is Commander Michelle Allen, I am ordering everyone to abandon ship. Proceed to shuttles and escape pods. Check your sections and don’t leave anyone behind.”

Looking around at everyone surrounding her on the Bridge. “All right people. Let’s get moving.” She took one last look around the Bridge. It had been a short stay here on this ship, but knowing it’s history she couldn’t honestly say that she was sad to be leaving it behind.

-Commander Michelle Allen, aCO

OOC: All right everybody.... do we want to continue to write out the evacuation… or just do a fast forward to the Starbase and waiting for the new ship?

Mike wondered what he overheard about a message in lower decks. The whole section was offline for months, and no one was supposed to be there. He was tempted to go with Peter, but he didn’t want to leave Kristi’s side.

He turned to Kristi and smiled weakly. “Well I guess we did find others. And the situation is just as bad as we thought it was. Come, let’s go to the hangar. Hopefully the shuttle is still there.”

They did what they could, to save the ship that was destined as space scrap years ago already, but there’s a limit to everything.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

OOC: Since it looks like Viking is on it’s last breath… i’m for roleplaying departure from the ship. I think the least we can do, is properly say goodbye.

Lt. Sharvi looked at Lt. Darz. He wasn’t going to go anywhere without her going with him. “With Dr. Harrington leaving the ship before this happened, I know he’s not in medical, but we should check and make sure nobody showed up in my absence from helping the captain. Then we can head to the shuttle.” He said to Lt. Darz.
LT. Sharvi, CMO


Avarak nodded. “I will attempt to help anyone who has issues getting to the shuttle there if we meet wounded along the way.”

Avarak CNS

“Let’s get a move on people!” Michelle commanded loudly, moving towards the turbo lift. “I don’t want to lose anyone else on this dammed ship.”

-Michelle Allen, aCO

Kristi shuddered. “We need to sweep as we go. I say pairs of twos on each level?” She knew Mike wanted her safe aboard a shuttle and far from the shrinking ship. But she knew she had no chance of sleeping right again if she didn’t do her best to be sure everyone was gone. Glancing at Mike, she rested a hand on his arm. “We’ll take the deck above the shuttle bay. That way we don’t have to double back. All right?” It was the only concession she could manage to offer him at this moment.


Kalika nodded to the Captain. “With permission, I will stay for just a few more moments to scan the ship and make sure whatever lifeforms I can find of the crew are heading in the right direction before I go. We can’t afford to miss a slumbering Ensign in some storage bay on a break.” She knew she had to get the Captain off the bridge, but that didn’t mean she had to go right this moment.

Glancing up at Sharvi, she smiled. “You should go. The Captain’s gonna need you.” She didn’t want to add anything else or her resolve would melt. They were finally managing to move their relationship forward and she didn’t want to chance him disappearing with the next section of consoles.

“I’ve already doubled the forcefields on compromised sections and I’m closing bulkheads and putting up fields as sections are emptying of lifesigns. Though I still can’t get a lock on whatever or whoever I am reading in the depths of the ship. There shouldn’t be anyone there, last I knew.” She didn’t like the idea, but if the Captain ordered her off the bridge, it was the lower deck she was likely to check before making for the shuttle.

(stubborn when scared)

As they entered the turbo lifts with others, Mike turned to Kristi and winked to her. “You’d make a great security officer.” It reminded him why he fell in love with her. Not only the ship, she cared about the crew as well, even though it was dangerous to stay on board.

“We’re making one quick sweep, but after that i’m getting you on the first shuttle that leaves.”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

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