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A young NE on the other side of Zarus piped in. “I hope that’s all it is. I hear the ship is haunted!” A shiver ran down the brunette’s back as she looked at the others. Glancing at Zarus she held out her hand. “Angela, Angie, actually. Angie Dickenson. I’m going to be a nurse on the ship. I hear it will be an interesting assignment. That’s why I took it.” She smiled. “Why are you going to the Viking? Choice or no choice?”

NE Angie Dickenson
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Zarus smiled before introducing themself. “Zarus DeSai. I heard the rumours too about her too, but I’m sure that’s all that they are. I’ve been stationed here on the Starbase. The only time we see the arrivals board change to so many delayed and ships departing ahead of schedule is a response to a distress or a Fleetwide drill for such an event.”

Zarus was a very calm person. Many who did not know better often assumed that they were a joined Trill, but they wasn’t.


Maeve arrived on starbase 257 an hour earlier, but decided to do a little shopping in the promenade area of the base. There she went into the cybernetics shop and picked up her new mow hawk. This new mow hawk will finaly allow her to be able to connect with her work station, and tricorders where ever she may be on a federation vessel. Taking the mow hawk from the shop keeper she inspected his work. “Very nice work as usuial Brog, did you manage to get the mood LED’s to work?”

Brog gave Maeve a look of ‘Please… who do you think I am.’ “Yes, yes it’s all working. You just need your ships doctor to calibrate it to your body’s emotional frequency.”

“How much do I owe you?”

“1500 Credits.”

“That’s 500 more than agreed upon. What’s changed?” She asked knowing full well that he would have a reasonable answer for her.

“It’s the permits for the use of Borg technology, that and making everything in that unit military grade, proved more difficult than expected.”

Maeve nodded understanding that to get the permits was incredibly difficult for those who were not officially a member of Starfleet. “I’m glad that you were able to secure your permit for the next few years. I may be in need of you again in the next few years.” With that she waved her hand in-front of the credit pad and awarded Brog the 1500 credits. Maeve made her way to the door with her parcel in hand then stopped just before she got to the door and turned to Brog. “Give my love to Milly will you…?”

Brog nodded and Maeve left the little shop. It was time for her to make her way to the meeting spot for all the rest of the new Viking crew.

While approaching the meeting area she noted that there was a few extra faces than she had expected. She new that the Viking a sad turn of events on her last mission and had lost a number of crew members, she wasn’t expecting this many to be arriving at the same time. She also berated her self for not reading the new crew compliment to it’s fullest.

“We must all be awaiting Viking.” She said to no one in particular. She then stuck her hand out to shake the others in greeting. “Maeve Harlow Chief of Security”. Greeting everyone.

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow, COS

“Doctor Zarus DeSai,” replied the young Trill returning the traditional human greeting after briefly hesitating when trying to remember which hand they should use.

“Have you heard how long the Viking is delayed for?” DeSai asked wondering if the senior officer had been privy to any information that could be discussed.


Maeve took the Zaru’s hand in greeting. “I’m afraid not. Though reading through the recent logs the ship has been through a lot and may need a refit. She could also be limping here. Or they may be simply responding to a distress signal from a lost freighter. Really it could be anything. I’m certainly not worried though.”

“She limps in every time she comes in anyway. Her refit has been long overdue, but rumour is no ship yard will decommission her for fear of releasing whatever has caused her bad luck,” Zarus said.

Maeve looked around to the others. “How long have you all been in StarFleet?”

“I’ve been stationed here on the Outpost for the the last 2 years,” they replied.

Looking back at Zarus Maeve got an idea. “Doctor Since we are all here waiting why don’t you preform your exam of all of us. This way we can all go about our duties as soon as we board the ship.”

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow, COS

“Unfortunately I can’t help with that,” Zarus replied before adding, “I have to have to be certified for duty aboard myself, before I can certify anyone else.”

Maeve frowned a little, she was hoping to be rid of some formalities but understood why the good doctor couldn’t before he himself wasn’t cleared for duty. “I understand doctor.” Maeve then lifted her bag slightly. “I suppose having you help me installing this new piece of gear will have to wait as well.”


Angie nodded to the new woman and smiled. “Well, we are all fit enough to be here. That’s good enough for me. I say we get some drinks and lunch and see what else we have in common besides a rustbucket that limps and a ship with infinite crew space.” She was nervous about that small matter, but decided, like the haunting rumor, it was merely a long term jest that stemmed from something that happened a long time ago and has since gotten warped into illogical hysteria.

NE Angie

“That sounds like a good idea,” Zarus replied, “There’s an artisan food court a dozen decks down. You can see the nav points and approach vectors for this side of the station from the space terrace at Jabara’s so we’ll see the tub arriving with plenty of time to get back up here on time.”

Zarus broad smile seemed to extend all the way across their smooth face to their spots.


“Please lead the way, I love trying new foods.”

Maeve Harlow - COS

Zarus led the way to the the Bajoran cafebar. The room space was not overly large, but there was additional seating on the promenade and also through a door onto a space terrace - It was like a roof garden with a forcefield bubble around to make patrons feel like they were outside. It provided stunning views of the starfield. There were a couple of blinking bouys visible which were clearly much closer and the row of ships departing in a line all appeared to be following them out in the same direction. Every so often there was a speck of light that flashed brightly in the distance as the ships jumped to warp in turn.

“Zarus?” came a shout above the din from behind the serving counter. The broad bajoran who had called got one of the other staff to take over what he was doing before heading over to the new arrivals.

“Your still here?” he said with a broad smile, “I told you the Viking’s always late.”

“You did, Jabara. I can see you’re busy, but is there any chance of a table on the terrace?” Zarus conceded with a characteristic smile.

“Admiral Procter has put a reservation on the whole of the terrace,” Jabara said as he looked at the clock, “He is late though and no-one from his group has shown up.”

The bajoran paused as though hesitating, “Go on. If he arrives and says anything to you send him to me. I made a mistake and thought you were part of his group.”

“Relax. Ben’s reasonable and I’m fairly sure that unless he needs privacy for conversation above our pay grade, he won’t mind us parking in a corner out of the way.”

Jabara led the way towards the door onto the terrace which had a notice on the door indicating it was reserved for a private function.

“Will you excuse me a moment?” Zarus said before they headed away from the group towards the restrooms.

The roof terrace itself was very different to the main room. The gentle music could be heard here, but inside the din of conversation made it almost unheard.

As the group approached the a table Jabara looked around to check that Zarus wasn’t on their way back before speaking in a lower tone.

“Please can you do me a favour? Zarus is like family to me. They make friends easily, but that is also their biggest weakness. Please can you keep an eye on them and let me know if there are any problems?”

Maeve’s interests peaked a little. “What sort of problems would you think they would encounter regarding friends?” Maeve took an intake of breath that sounded a little louder than expected as a lightbulb went off in her head. “You wouldn’t be speaking in matters of the heart would you…?”

“But not a word to Zarus. They would die of embarrassment if they thought I’d asked,” Jabara added.

“Of course Mr. Jabara, I wouldn’t be chief of security if I wasn’t able to hold my tongue.”

At that moment the door to the terrace opened letting through a brief din of noise before it closed again.

“So when you’ve made your decisions, just select it on your menu and we’ll bring it over. Please be a little patient with timings as we don’t serve replicated crap,” Jabara said before leaving the group.

Once Jabara had left the terrace, Zarus looked at the others.

“Let me guess. Over-protective father-figure type request?” Zarus asked

Maeve took pity on Zarus. “Let’s just say he loves you very much and wants to make sure you stay safe.”

“I know he means no harm. He likes to help lost people feel at home. When I first arrived here I was shy and lonely. The only person aboard I sort of knew was Ben,” Zarus hesitated briefly before correcting themself, “The Admiral because we had travelled from Earth together.”

As though to demonstrate their point Zarus indicated towards the bar where Jabara was approaching a young ensign who had also been at the Viking’s expected docking birth…

Maeve smiled and looked around. What a fantastic place. Shall we all find a place to sit, eat, and chat?”

Maeve Harlow, COS

Pascal was familiar with Starbase 257 since his youth, his parents making regular trips here for their work, he was dragged back and forward in the process.

“Looks like it’s been refitted recently…” he thought to himself

Walking around the upper ring towards the stairs he noticed, like himself, many officers loosely hanging around awaiting further information on the Viking. Pascal started to descend towards the crowd and entered the noise of rumors pending its location, passing his ear as he walked through.

NE: “Ship of horrors…” he heard someone say.

NE: “I wonder if it will actually show… ” another one stated.

Walking on to the other side of the crowd, he did what Pascal did best, found a bar, sat down, and waited to be served.

  • Ensign Reade, Science Officer

“Penny for your thoughts,” the broadly built Bajoran asked Reade as he returned from the terrace and went behind the bar.

-Zarus / Jabara (barman)

Pascal always admired the Bajoran, their past and present have never been a steady one, in any timeframe.

He ordered a drink and tried to blend in without drawing attention to himself “Takarian mead if you have some…” he said with a grin

He continued the conversation with the barman, hoping to find out any information about his new posting.

“Assuming you know why this place is so busy, any background on the Viking you know of?” he said. “I hear they have been in some pretty rough rides over its service”.

  • Ensign Reade, Science Officer

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