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Posted Jan. 17, 2021, 11:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) (Robert Thompson)


Maeve smiled and looked around. What a fantastic place. Shall we all find a place to sit, eat, and chat?”

Maeve Harlow, COS

Pascal was familiar with Starbase 257 since his youth, his parents making regular trips here for their work, he was dragged back and forward in the process.

“Looks like it’s been refitted recently…” he thought to himself

Walking around the upper ring towards the stairs he noticed, like himself, many officers loosely hanging around awaiting further information on the Viking. Pascal started to descend towards the crowd and entered the noise of rumors pending its location, passing his ear as he walked through.

NE: “Ship of horrors…” he heard someone say.

NE: “I wonder if it will actually show… ” another one stated.

Walking on to the other side of the crowd, he did what Pascal did best, found a bar, sat down, and waited to be served.

  • Ensign Reade, Science Officer

“Penny for your thoughts,” the broadly built Bajoran asked Reade as he returned from the terrace and went behind the bar.

-Zarus / Jabara (barman)

Pascal always admired the Bajoran, their past and present have never been a steady one, in any timeframe.

He ordered a drink and tried to blend in without drawing attention to himself “Takarian mead if you have some…” he said with a grin

He continued the conversation with the barman, hoping to find out any information about his new posting.

“Assuming you know why this place is so busy, any background on the Viking you know of?” he said. “I hear they have been in some pretty rough rides over its service”.

  • Ensign Reade, Science Officer

“It always gets busy whenever the arrivals board turns as red as it has today,” The Bajoran said as he poured a small taster sized drink.

“I don’t have any Takarian meade. This is the closest I have Is that OK for you?” he asked offering Reade the taster glass

“I know the Viking always arrives here late in need of repairs, but departs far to quickly for the listed repairs to be completed,” Jabara replied, “She also has a high turn over of crew. What is it they teach at the academy? ‘The crew that plays together stays together’ Now I’m neither an academic or a psychologist, but I’ve seen more than a handful of the Viking crew socialising together when the ship is here so maybe that is the cause of their problems.”


Maeve seen the ensign sitting ordering a drink. “Hey, Zarus why don’t we go make a new friend.” She said while nodding towards the man.

Not waiting to see if they were following, Maeve made her way towards the ensign. “Hello ensign, mind if we join you?”

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow - COS

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